Weber Genesis E-310 Reviews – The Best Models (2021)

Introduction to Genesis e-310 reviews

With grilling season about to begin and many of us confined to our homes, barbecuing in your backyard or on your patio may allow us that moment of relaxing or cooking creativity we all desire and enjoy. Weber Genesis e-310 is a powerhouse brand for grills thanks to years of manufacturing quality products known for their performance and durability.

Weber produces grills for various fuel sources, including charcoal, electricity, natural gas, and propane gas. It designs its grills with great attention to detail, guaranteeing you great temperature control, and they are designed to last, with some Weber grills being passed from one generation to the next. This manufacturer has survived the test of time and has consistently raised the standard in grilling products.

Weber genesis grills produce fantastic culinary results that will delight your palate as well as those of friends and family. They are available in many shapes and sizes, and there are various grill choices for all wallets. You’ll find economically priced grills up to the high-end BBQ grills. Here we take an in-depth Weber Genesis II e-310 review.

Genesis e-310 reviews

Weber genesis e310 review

Why choose a propane-fueled weber genesis e 310 grill? The answer is for multiple reasons.

The Weber Genesis II Special Edition e-310 Grill Offers Improved Design

Weber Genesis II Special Edition e-310 gas grills are an upgrade from the original Weber Genesis II e-310 grill series. The original Genesis II grills were among Weber’s best-selling grills, and here Weber Genesis II Special Edition e-310 has improved upon the original version. Assembly is quick and easy with numerous parts that fit perfectly together thanks to very complete but simple instructions.

Weber genesis e 310 reviews – Design and Improvements

These genesis grills have had their design streamlined to make their appearance a bit curvier instead of block-like. Hoods are rounder and sleeker. The burner openings found underneath the hood and below the grates are larger and rounder. Weber has specifically tapered the burner to improve upon heat being distributed more evenly. Burner holes have been made larger and more extruded. It has a side burner for your side dish or sauce.

Weber Genesis II Special Edition has now moved the propane gas tank to the right side of the grill, which facilitates its replacement and offers a tank shield that keeps the propane tank out of view but featuring a fuel gauge adding to the sleek appearance. Genesis II’s built-in fuel gauge informs you about propane status. The Weber Genesis II e-310 designers have also decided to change the caster rollers for portability. Two of the casters have been substituted with wheels guaranteeing that moving your grill to another place on your patio or deck or even in your yard will be super easy.

Weber genesis e310 reviews – Grilling technology and cooking space

The construction features more components manufactured in stainless steel, and this particular gas grill will offer you an ample cooking area. The main cooking area consists of cast iron grates coated with porcelain. Cast iron is used to retain heat well. This special edition gas grill is special because it boasts the most recent Weber Genesis II e-310 technology with the GS4 grilling system exclusive to Weber.

This model offers you three highly performing 9 mm side burners made of stainless steel, offering 39,000 BTUs when combined while making flare-ups a thing of the past. An “Infinity Ignition” system is a module that has a button to turn your burner flame on. The three burners, each containing electrodes resistant to the weather elements, are turned on by the same module. These three burners’ ignition system requires AA batteries, as do many other propane-fueled gas grills.

The grates, which appear indestructible, feature stainless steel rods or “Flavorizer bars” to guarantee great taste when grilling. The bars on the Genesis II e-310 grate are shaped in a wedge with a dual purpose. These bars are designed to protect the side burner from liquids, juices, and above all, grease and deflect the heat so that the cooking surface has even heating throughout during your cooking. The cooking area is a generous 669 square inches divided into a 513 square inch cooking area and a 156 square inch folding warming rack called Tuck-Away because it can be moved out of the way to facilitate your cooking.

Weber genesis models – Grill Cart Design

The gas grill cart design has open shelving allowing lots of storage space for accessories and grilling necessities together with two shelves, one on each side giving lots of space for prepping and food plates. The shelf on the left will also fold down when it comes time to store your gas grill. Last but not least, Weber has built into this grill convenient hooks, three on each side for a total of six, to hang your barbecuing tools on. Grilling couldn’t be easier or more convenient. The grill weighs in at 161 pounds making it very stable but still portable.

Weber genesis e 310 review – Extras

This model boasts the infinity ignition system with a continuous spark when lighting up. The design also includes a window to view the burner flame and a thermometer mounted on the hood’s center. Weber also gives you a nice bright light mounted on the handle that is motion activated for easy night grilling and a system for managing grease produced while grilling that makes clean up easy. The management system for grease directly funnels the grease into a disposable container and away from your food.

Weber genesis e-310 review – Smart Technology Applied to Weber Grilling

It takes a leap into the future with its iGrill 3 that is an add-on, and can be plugged into the Genesis grill II thanks to a socket at the Grill’s front. The iGrill app, available at an extra cost, is certainly intuitive and well organized. This product was not a Weber invention but was acquired. The iGrill product comes from iDevices and is a series of thermometers that are Bluetooth-connected with the relative app. It alerts you as to temperature variables is a great help, especially for newbies to grilling. You can monitor your food within a distance of 30 feet wirelessly.

Weber Genesis 2 review – Cooking Quantities

This particular version is a mid-sized grill that can cook anywhere from eighteen to twenty-four burgers at a time. This makes it a great family-sized grill that can also handle cooking for guests as well.

Weber genesis review – Cleaning and Maintenance

Cooking is enjoyable thanks to the easy cleaning of this grill. Some tips for the Weber Genesis II e-310 include

  • Weber Genesis II e-310 does not paint the insides of lids on its grill, so if it appears that carbonized grease is flaking, get a grill brush to clean or use a paper towel after each grilling the grill burner is warm but not hot.
  • Cooking grates should be cleaned after every use. Preheat the grill set on high for approximately 15 minutes with its lid shut, and then brush your grates with a steel grate brush.
  • To clean the “Flavorizer bars”, allow the grill to completely cool and then scrape with a scraper preferably made of plastic.
  • Burner holes can be cleaned with a steel grill brush while avoiding brushing electrodes.
  • Air shutter screens connected to the burner should be cleaned with a brush with soft bristles similar to a toothbrush.
  • A plastic scraper will clean any grease build-up from the cook box.
  • The stainless steel outside of the grill can be cleaned with a cleaner for stainless steel and a microfiber cloth.

Weber Genesis e-310 – Final Thoughts

Weber Genesis II provides three potent burners accompanied by heat controls that are sensitive indeed. To exploit the grilling power this grill offers, you’ll need to practice, but the end product would certainly be worth it. Weber Genesis II e-310 is a solid, sturdy grill and promises durability. The lid and the two side shelves are heavy-duty and well-constructed, and the built-in thermometer is a nice plus.

Considering the monetary investment for this Grill, Weber might have avoided adding some plastic trim on the lid or the bumpers on the side shelves, but this is a question of taste more than a question of functionality. The iGrill 3 technology available thanks to Weber’s foresight, is a great tool to keep connected with your grilling and free you up to do other chores within a specific distance.

This manufacturer offers a ten-year warranty that amply demonstrates how confident they are about their products. Weber once again lives up to its reputation showing that great design, good construction, durability, and smart grilling technology pave the way to the future, including grilling.

Weber Genesis e-310