Traeger Error Codes For Your Grill – Ler Or Err Problems? (2020)

At the backbone of Traeger, Smokers is a technology that gives you an experience like no other. The Traeger grilling experience is known as ‘set and forget about it.’ The function of each part is programmed to deliver at its best. One thing about technology is that it can experience a malfunction because of different reasons that are inevitable. However, it is essential to know that a troubleshooting process can fix all of these Traeger error codes. If you are experiencing this with your Traeger smoker, worry no more. We have some of the best Traeger troubleshooting tips that are simple to follow.

Basics Traeger error codes

Basics Traeger error codes

Traeger grills have been in existence for over 30 years now. The idea came from a mind that wanted to shift the focus from the grill to the food. The whole idea behind a Traeger is to make sure that you spend as little time as possible on the grill to do other things that are of more importance.

To achieve this, the Oregano company has been at the forefront of Traeger innovation to make this possible. In the process, they have incorporated and infused technology to make work easier for you.

Troubleshooting Traeger grills

I know you are maybe asking why should your Traeger grill suddenly behave weirdly when you have used it for a while now. Well, it happens to most of us, so you should not worry too much. A multifunctional grill such as the Traeger Century 34 has many functions and directives controlled by the center of communication and sent to the rest of the grill. As human beings, it may not always be a walk in the park, and mistakes are okay. One unique thing about Traeger grills is that they always signal you that something is wrong via error codes on the installed digital displays.

Traeger Ler Techniques

In this section, we shall look at the error codes displayed on the Traeger digital display inbuilt in the body of Traeger grills. We shall go into detail about what the error codes mean and how they can be fixed.

HEr Traeger err code.

It is an error code for High-Temperature Error. If this occurs, you will see it displayed on the Traeger grill. The scenario for this is when the Traeger smoke temperature exceeds 550F for more than 45 seconds. Following this error, the auger will be shut by the grill while the fan starts to cool it. If the temperature falls below 450F, the auger will run to clear embers present in the tube for two minutes. You can use the Traeger P settings to help avoid this problem.

For the best results, shut off the grill for it to rest for some time. If there are any pellets left in the firepot, clear them. You can now put it on when you are ready to fire it up. Remember to refill the fire pot with pellets. One more important detail that you should know is that when this code appears, it means that your meat is not in a good state, and therefore, you should check it out.

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There are several root causes for this. They may include low-grade pellets used. With such, they may not be burning evenly in the fire pot, ash or grease might have built up, faulty temperature reading and registering, or maybe sawdust from the pellets that are not burning.

Getting to the point of a malfunctioning grill, it might now be time for you to contact the manufacturer for more help. In one way or the other, they will be able to give you support and, if need be, more intervention.

Traeger ler code

It is the short form of the phrase ‘Low-Temperature Error’. This is the opposite of the error that we have discussed above. This happens when the temperature inside the grill is below 125F for 10 minutes or more. However, this one should not worry you if you are cooking using a low and slow method. You can try adjusting the Traeger P setting on your grill to avoid this happening in the future.

When this error occurs, the grill will shut itself down, and you will need to restart it. In the process, too, clear the pellets inside the firepot.

Traeger error code – Possible reasons why you see this code are below, and easy fixes that you can use

  • Bad batch of sawdust filled pellets. Here, you should check the quality of the pellets.
  • Possible debris in your grill or fire pot that can cause low ventilation to occur in your grill. At this point, you need to check the ventilation areas and clear any blockage thoroughly.
  • Maybe there are no pellets to burn in the fire pot; you should check you have enough pellets.
  • The temperature of the Traeger grill is too low, given the challenge of keeping it hot. You can change this by relocating your grill if it is outside in the cold and putting it in a place where there is some right shade. You may also opt to cover it with a heavy blanket for a short time until the temperature goes back to the average level. Keep an eye on the temperature probe.
  • Maybe the temperature controller is on the verge of malfunctioning. You should contact the manufacturer, and they will direct you to do the right thing.

Traeger err code

When you get this error, the Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) or probe needs replacement. The RTD probe is what measures the grill’s ambient temperature. To fix this, all you need to do is check if the probe is loose. If yes, try to fix it, and if not, be prepared to purchase a new one.

Traeger error code 1

This is an error code that happens when the temperature probe is loose. Fix this by fixing the loose connection by pushing and pulling the plug until it is well placed. If this doesn’t fix the problem, try tightening it, and if it still doesn’t work, call the manufacturer and see what they have to offer.

Traeger error code 2

This error code means that inside the grill’s controller, there is something that is short-circuiting. This is a bit more complex and you need to call for further assistance from the manufacturer.

Traeger grill error codes – Correcting Common Problems

It is common to see the temperature that you have set swing between 15-20F. This is natural, as this is the way it has been designed. Different factors can cause fluctuating temperatures. When you see the temperature swing anywhere above this, it means that there is a problem somewhere. The question is, what might the problem be?

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Before acting on the signal, ask yourself if the temperature swing is normal. One of the reasons might be that the weather outside might be too cold and therefore, the grill is overworking to keep up with the temperature outside. You need to change its position and place it somewhere warmer or shielded from the cold at the same time.

If, by your judgment, you feel that the weather might not be the problem, check the pellets and ventilation. It might be harboring some debris in the firepot or elsewhere that is blocking airflow.

If neither of these two reasons is the cause, there is a possibility that the drip pan or the heat diffuser near the firepot is damaged by corrosion. Ther’s a good possibility these will make your grill overheat.

Another common problem in the Traeger grill is the inadequacy of pellets in the firepot. The simplest fix of this is to add more pellets for heating. If a lack of pellets is not the problem, the other cause might be a mechanical one where the pellets may have jammed the rotating auger to the point that it is no longer turning. To fix this, unjam the auger tunnel by disassembling the auger and the hopper and removing any pellets or pellet fragments.

If, by chance, the above problems are not the real issue, it may mean that the motor is defective and you might need a new one if repairing it won’t do.

Fire in the fire pot goes out while cooking. This problem is one of those that are common and can be fixed within a short period. The most common reason is the pellets, due to low pellet quality, and to fix this, you need to go for the best on the market. It may be that the air holes are blocked and there is a need for them to be unblocked.

A more complex problem that may be associated with this is a faulty connection in the temperature probe. You should check and follow the right procedures to troubleshoot the problem. The other possibility might be the fan. If it is faulty, you may not be able to repair it. It may not be very accurate or not well fixed. The simplest solution is to improve the fan if things are blocking it. If it requires a replacement, you may need to make a new purchase and fix it. It will help you troubleshoot the problem in your Traeger grill.

Traeger problems – Best Practices in the Industry

One essential thing when it comes to grilling is to keep it clean. When there is food stuck on it by any means, you can solve the problem by removing any scraps immediately. It will help you in maintaining it and will increase its durability as well.

When using grills, it is common to see people using oil on the grates while cooking. This is not the best practice as we recommend that you use oil on the food instead. This will help in reducing food being stuck on the grates. Also, the taste of grilled food on oiled grates is different from when you have oiled the food itself. The latter has a savory taste that is unmatched.

One other best practice that you can incorporate is to make sure that you always check each part’s functionality. The automated machine has different functions that are controlled from a single control unit in the Traeger grill. Check the state of the wires connecting, the fan and the temperature box gauge are actions that can help you use your Traeger grill for a long time. If the problem you are facing with your grill is not familiar to you, you must call the manufacturer for help. Their service line is available for you if you have any queries concerning their products.

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Traeger trouble codes – FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does the code LEr mean on Traeger?

The Traeger error LEr means Low-Temperature Error. This can be experienced because of several things. The problem might be that the outside temperature is too low and therefore overworking the grill to keep up. However, this can be changed by relocating the grill to a warmer place or covering it with a heavy blanket.

The other reason for this might be that the air holes are not working because they are blocked by different debris present in the grill. This can be solved by ensuring that they are cleared and unjammed. The other possible reason might be that the pellets in the fire pot are not of high quality or have been used up. To solve this, you need to go for the best quality on the market and top the pellets up when required.

How do I fix the LEr code on my Traeger?

You can fix the error code by adding more pellets to the pellet pot and, preferably, those that are of high quality. This will help you save time and energy. Another way to solve this is by checking the functionality of the parts such as the fan, the airholes, the temperature box, and the surrounding environment.

In case the air holes have been blocked, you must clear them so that they may function as normal as possible to maintain the temperature at the right level.

In case the temperature box is not working well; you can call the manufacture to help you solve the problem without much trouble. One other thing that can cause this error is that the auger might be jammed with pellet fragments. The best way to solve this is to clear that area of any pellet debris and shut it off allowing it to rest. This will allow the grill to cool for a while. In the meantime, you can check for any other problems in the fire pot or chamber.

What does Er1 mean on the Traeger grill?

This is an error code that occurs on your grill digital display when the temperature probe is loose. You can fix this by reconnecting the loose connection by pushing and pulling the plug until it is well placed in the grill. If this doesn’t fix the problem, try tightening it. If the above methods fail, it is recommended that you call the manufacturer for more help on it. They have a support team that will give you guidelines on how you can solve the problem and direct you appropriately where need be.

Why is my Traeger not smoking?

There are several reasons why your grill may not be smoking. One is maybe because you are not starting it properly. You can fix this by following the right procedure of starting it up. It may also be that the grill is not connected well with the WI-FI signal. Ensure that you are facing the probe box when starting it up.