Steak Knives – Best Consumer Reports Set & Top Rated Quality Reviews (2020)

Cooked steak is one of the finest meats to eat in the world.

There are hundreds of recipes that you can make using a steak.

The taste of the cooked steak completely depends on the temperature, spices, and many more things.

You have to make sure that you abide by the recipe, including the cooking time for the perfect steak.

However, a perfect plate of steak requires various other things like additional spices, utensils, and more.

Using the best steak knives is an important part of preparing and enjoying a perfectly cooked steak.

These utensils are specifically used to cut cooked steak.

It is necessary to choose a sharp, and high-quality steak knife for cutting steak.


Because good steak knives require less effort to cut the steak and do not affect the juiciness of the steak.

In this competitive world, you will find steak knives of different sizes, shapes, and qualities.

Premium brands like Messermeister Avanta and J.A. Henckels are well established in the market.

But there are other choices too.

Thus, choosing the perfect steak knife can be extremely tricky.

Through this blog, you will come to know about the best steak knives on the market.

We will also discuss the main factors that make some better than others in the buying guide.

Have some queries?

We will try to answer those queries through the most commonly asked questions.

At the end of this blog, you will be able to choose the perfect steak knives.

What are the best steak knives?

#1. Mercer Culinary Non-serrated Steak Knife



Features of the product

  • Straight edge
  • Anti-rust
  • Anti-corrosive
  • German steel
  • Lifetime warranty

When it comes to steak knives, you want one that cuts the meat easily and without much effort.

This product is one of the finest steak knives on the market.


It has a straight edge, therefore, it reduces the chances of accidents, when kids use it.

The whole blade is made of high carbon German steel, which offers extremely high durability compared to other knives.

The stainless steel blade is also resistant to rust and corrosion, which increases the durability further.

It has a taper-ground edge.

This shape makes it extremely easy to cut meat, without much effort.

The bolster offers you a great balance while cutting and chopping.

Moreover, it connects the handle and blade effectively, which prevents it from breaking.

The handle offers a comfortable grip, as the design allows a comfortable space for all fingers.

The handle also does not get affected by water or anything else.

This product is certified by NSF, which gives it an upper hand compared to other knives.

However, since it is a straight blade, you will have to frequently maintain it.

Make sure that you sharpen it at 15 degrees.


  • Highly durable
  • Superior handle grip
  • Effective cutting and chopping of meat


  • Requires frequent sharpening

#2. Triple Rivet Serrated Steak Knife Set



Features of the product

  • Consistent quality
  • Serrated edges
  • Full tang
  • Comfortable grip
  • Effective cutter

Are you looking for steak knives for the whole family?

A set of good-quality set of steak knives will increase the pleasure of eating steak.

This product is a set of steak knives, with serrated edges.

Do not worry.

Every knife is of the same quality as the others in the set.

All of them are rigged, or serrated knives, which makes them extremely sharp compared to straight steak knives.

Yes, due to the ridges, it is extremely challenging to sharpen the blade.

However, the requirement for sharpening is extremely low with this set of steak knives.

These stainless steel steak knives use 420-grade stainless steel for the blade, which is not the best material but offers high durability and performance.

They are tarnish-resistant and rust-resistant, which limited steak knives offer.

Coming to the handle of these steak knives, plastic is used to make them.

The handle also offers a comfortable grip, which reduces the effort during cutting.

It is also non-slip, which prevents any kind of accident.

You can clean the blades of the steak knives in a dishwasher, but we would recommend you hand wash these steak knives to preserve their quality.

Moreover, the bolster of the blade offers great balance and durability.

The product is preferred as a great gift to loved ones.


  • Stunning steak knives
  • Effective cutting
  • Highly durable


  • Quality of the handles could be better

#3. DALSTRONG Gladiator Series Steak Knives



Features of the product

  • Stunning design
  • Premium grade material
  • Sharp

This set of stainless steel steak knives is one of the few on the market that offers a great combination of all the pros of many other steak knives.

The set consists of four similar premium steak knives, each with the same quality and performance.

First of all, this set of premium steak knives offers a stunning design, which makes them extremely compatible with almost any utensils.

Each one has a 5-inch German steel blade, which is highly effective in cutting.

The blades have three layers of stainless steel, which makes them highly durable compared to other steak knives.

It is extremely easy to clean them, as you only need to wipe them with a cloth.

You will have to frequently sharpen the straight blades, in case of regular use.

At what angle do you have to sharpen the blade?

Sharpening should be between 15 to 18 degrees for peak performance.

The bolster of these premium steak knives best offers great balance and the knives also are extremely sturdy.

Usually, most steak knives are not able to offer high-quality due to the handle.

However, this product offers you one of the finest one piece handles on the market, which is made of pakkawood.


  • Extremely beautiful design
  • Sharp for perfect cutting
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Requires frequent maintenance

#4. Ceramic Steak Knife Set 



Features of the product

  • Lightweight
  • Sharp
  • Comfortable grip

Are you looking for non-steel steak knives for kids?

If you are then, you must know that you have to be more careful, while buying them as compared to normal knives.

This product is one of the finest non-steel steak knives, which can be used by kids.

The set consists of six different steak knives, with the same performance, size, but different colors on the handle.

Due to the vibrant colors of the handle, these non-steel steak knives are preferred by kids.

These brightly colored steak knives may earn you much kudos with your kids!

The blades are made of ceramic, which offers fine effectiveness during cutting.

The knives are serrated and require frequent maintenance or sharpening.

The construction of the bolster barely touches the mark of acceptance.

The length of the blade is 4 inches, which makes them lightweight and easy to use.

Moreover, the handle of the knife offers a comfortable grip and reduces the effort needed during cutting.

When cleaning the steak knives, the best results come from hand washing although you can also just put them in the dishwasher.

Irrespective of these advantages, the product does not offer great durability.

Numerous factors lead to the low durability of the product.

Firstly, the ceramic material is not stain-proof or resistant to tarnishing, due to which the blade can break in two.

Secondly, the bolster does not join the handle and blade robustly.


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable grip
  • Preferred by kids


  • Low durability

#5. J. A. HENCKELS Steel Steak Knife Set



Features of the product

  • Durable stainless steel steak knives
  • Sharp
  • Balanced knives

This set of stainless steel steak knives by J. A. Henckels offers you four similar knives.

However, the set consists of two stainless steel steak knives with a 4-inch blade, and two steel steak knives with a 4.5-inch blade.

Each knife has a stainless steel blade, which makes it highly durable.

J. A. Henckels is famous for making blades that do not rust, corrode, or tarnish, which increases the durability further.

These stainless steel steak knives are straight but offer you a sharp edge, which cuts effectively.

Of course, you will have to sharpen them more frequently compared to serrated blades.

Make sure that you sharpen the edge at least once a week.

Overall, they are durable, and there are no chances of breaking it into two parts.

The bolster of these stainless steel steak knives has a seamless transition and offers you a great balance.

Moreover, the bolster connects the blade and the handle robustly, which prevents splitting.

When it comes to stainless steel steak knives, you must always make sure that they are within your budget.

J. A. Henckels is a premium brand, and these are not the cheapest knives steak lovers might buy. There are similar premium products available from other brands like Messermeister Avanta.

Thus, choose them only if they are within your budget.

Each knife has a simple yet stunning design, which makes the set perfect as a gift for loved ones.


  • Sturdy bolster
  • Sharp straight edges
  • Highly durable
  • Great set as a gift
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not the most affordable set

#6. Chicago Cutlery Steak Knives Set



Features of the product

  • Wood handles
  • Full tang
  • Sharp stainless steel blades
  • Lightweight

Are you looking for the best steak knives with stainless steel blades?

In that case, your search is over.

These are the best stainless steel steak knives with one of the most stunning designs on the market.

They provide a good alternative to the offerings from the J.A. Henckels and Messermeister Avanta brands.

The look of this knife set will not fade away with time, which makes it a great choice as a gift.

Every set consists of 4 similar knives, each with the same performance and quality.

The knives are anti-rust, stainless, and non-pitting.

Since the stainless steel blades are made of carbon steel, there are no chances of them splitting in two.

All knives in the set have ridged stainless steel blades, which offer sharp cutting

The steel blades are also extremely easy to clean, but make sure that you keep the wood handles away from water.

Thus, you will not face any issue with the durability of the knives in this set, due to all these factors.

The bolster acts as a sturdy and durable bridge between the wood handles and the blades.

Comfort is an important factor while buying a steak knife.

You want knives that fit perfectly in your hand.

The knives have wood handles, with three rivets piercing the full tang, which balances everything perfectly.

Moreover, the wood handle is small but offers enough space for a comfortable grip.


  • Effective at cutting
  • Highly durable German steel serrated edge blades
  • Sturdy bolster
  • Classic wood handle design


  • The wood handle is not waterproof
  • No lifetime warranty

#7. NANO Ceramic Steak Knife



Features of the product

  • Sharp
  • Easy to maintain
  • Moderate weight

Steak knives sets are one of the most preferred gifts all around the world, especially during the festive season.

This set of the best steak knives consists of six similar-looking ceramic knives, with the same performance.

All the blades are made of high-quality ceramic, which makes them unique in the market.

They do not have any ridges, which increases the maintenance by a huge margin.

Therefore, you will have to make sure that you sharpen the blades at least once a week.

Overall, you will not face any issue, while cutting meat.

Irrespective of that, it has been observed that the blade does not last long.

In the case of regular use, the blades usually last a few months.

Therefore, we would recommend you to choose this set, only if you are planning to use it for occasional purposes.

The lack of durability is even observable in the bolster of the knives.

In the majority of cases, the one-piece handle and the blade break first.

However, the knives offer you a comfortable grip, which reduces the effort of cutting a slice of meat by a huge margin.

The handle is sturdy and made of plastic.

Cleaning the blades is one of the main ways to maintain the knives sharp.

Make sure that you don’t put the knives in the dishwasher.

Clean the blades buy using water and a cloth.


  • Effective cutter
  • Comfortable grip
  • Sturdy handle made of plastic


  • Not durable
  • No lifetime warranty

#8. WUSTHOF Steak Knife set



Feature of the product

  • Stunning design
  • Full tang
  • Single piece blades
  • Comfortable grip

Are you looking for super-sharp knives for cutting meat?

In that case, you must surely try this product.

This knife set consists of four knives with full tang in a presentation box.

The length of each knife is 10.5 inches, including the handle, which is large enough to cut any meat.

You would be surprised to know that WUSTHOF is a company located in Solingen, which is also known as the city of blades.

The company has earned its reputation as one of the finest companies in the market manufacturing premium quality knives using German steel.

This set of the best steak knives is one of the most awesome products by this company.

The handle offers you a comfortable grip, despite the size of your hand.

The handle has been fixed on the single-piece blade with rivets, which makes the whole knife set extremely durable and sturdy.

Therefore, there are no chances that it will break into two pieces.

The knives also have straight blades that cut the meat without effort.

Personally, this is one of the sharpest blades on the market, we would highly recommend this product.

During shopping, everyone looks for a product that offers a little more than other products on the market.

At present, most of the steak knives can only be used to cut meat.

However, this is one of the few products, which can also be used to cut vegetables, fruits and various other things.


  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use
  • Bolster increases safety
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Moderate durability of the handle

#9. WUSTHOF Gourmet Steak Knife Set



Features of the product

  • Sharp blades
  • Singe piece blade
  • Great as a gift

Another product on our list by WUSTHOF, which is one of the most reputable brands in the market.

This set of knives consists of 8 similar knives, each of 10 inches, including the handle.

Let us start with the blades first.

They are made of high carbon stainless steel, which makes them some of the most durable blades on the market.

The blades are rust-resistant, and corrosion resistant, which adds to the durability of the blades.

The single-piece construction makes it highly sturdy and robust, which makes it unique on the market.

Therefore, we can say that you can rely on the blades without any concern.

Irrespective of these advantages of the blades, it comes in the category of straight blades.

Though it does not mean that the sharpness of the blades is low, the blades require regular maintenance.

In case of regular use, make sure that you sharpen it at least once a week.

On the other hand, the handle of the knives offers you a supremely comfortable grip, which most knives fail to offer.

The handle is robust and is not affected by cleaning in the dishwasher.

You can also buy this product as a gift in a presentation box for your loved ones.


  • Supremely sharp blades
  • Comfortable grip
  • Bolster adds safety to the knives
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Presentation box


  • Requires frequent maintenance

#10. RADA Cutlery Steak Knife



Features of the product

  • Metal handle
  • Sharp blades
  • Bolster

Metal has changed the life of mankind rapidly.

Since its discovery, humans have used it instead of rocks.

In the present era, metal products are considered more durable, which is completely true.

This product is one of the few knives on the market, which is completely made of metal.

The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes them anti-rust and anti-corrosive.

The blades are straight, which require frequent maintenance.

The edge is sharp and can cut even the thickest or hardest steak.

You can even use this product in the kitchen and for dinner.

Thus, you can cut raw meat, cook it, and eat it with a single utensil.

The length is a little over 8 inches, which is not the longest on the market.

Due to this, material, it is heavier compared to standard steak knives.

Therefore, it is not recommended to be used by children.

Coming to the handle, it is made of aluminum, which makes it highly robust and durable.

The handle is perfectly attached to the blade and prevents any splitting.

It also consists of a bolster, which balances and offers safety during cutting.

The product does not offer a comfortable grip, due to the material of the handle.


  • Effective cutter
  • Balanced
  • Durable
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Uncomfortable grip

#11. MH ZONE Stainless Steel Steak Knife



Features of the product

  • Sharp edges
  • Comes with a stand
  • Durable

It is a set of eight steak knives, each with the same quality and size.

Each one comes with a serrated edge.

Of course, due to these ridges, the blades offer a supreme cut, but the sharpening becomes a little challenging.

The blades are made of 420 high-quality stainless steel, which is anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

The design offers you the smoothest cutting of the meat compared to other knives.

However, this is not the thing that makes it unique.

The kit comes with an acrylic stand, to store all eight knives.

Therefore, you can put the whole set on the dining table.

It is also extremely easy to clean the blades, all you have to do is wash them with water and wipe with a dry cloth.

Make sure that you do not soak the knives in water for a long time.

The handle of the knives is also made of metal, which makes them highly durable and waterproof.

However, the handles fail to offer you a comfortable grip.


  • Highly sharp edges
  • Durable blades and handles
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The knife set consists of a stand


  • Uncomfortable handle

#12. Wallop Stainless steel Serrated Steel Knife



Features of the product

  • Highly durable
  • Stunning design
  • Serrated edges

Another competent set of steak knives on our list.

This knife set is one of the finest products by Wallop.

The set consists of six stainless steel knives, each of them is anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

The edge of the blade has a great quality, which prevents any kind of dent or cracks on it.

Therefore, we can say that these knives are highly durable compared to most of the products.

All six knives come in a box, specially designed for this product.

Do you know the main reason behind the degradation of a streak knife blade?

Well, the main reason is the salt.

It has been observed that the salt in the steak slowly deteriorates the durability of the blade.

However, this product does not get affected by the salt.

The handle offers you a comfortable grip, as it is made of wood.

Moreover, the handle is highly durable.

Make sure that you do not put the knives in the dishwasher, instead, clean them with a cloth.

Overall, a great product at a reasonable cost.


  • Sharp edges
  • Comfortable grip
  • Balanced knife


  • The handle is not waterproof

Steak knives – Buying Guide

Here are the most important factors that you must look for in steak knives.

Best steak knife set – Type of blade

The first thing that you must look at is the type of blade it offers.

There are two types: serrated and non-serrated.

Both of them have an advantage as well as disadvantage, but neither is better than the other.

A serrated blade has teeth on the edges of the blade.

They are extremely sharp, and can even be used for cutting vegetables and other items.

These are also unsafe around kids.


Well, kids are curious about new things, they would most likely get hurt from the teeth of the blade.

These knives are also not easy to sharpen, due to the teeth.

However, they do not require frequent sharpening.

On the other hand, knives with straight edges do not have teeth.

They have a smooth and sharp edge, but it is challenging to maintain these knives.

You will have to sharpen them frequently at the correct angle to maintain the performance of the blade.

Thus, if you cannot maintain the blade frequently, go for a serrated blade.

However, if you can sharpen the knife, then opt for a straight edge.

Serated steak knives – Durability

The second thing that you must look at is the durability.

You must focus more on the material of the knife for better durability.

Usually, we would recommend a stainless steel knife, but you may go for a blade made from other metals.

On the other hand, a wooden or plastic handle will be great.

Why do you need to focus so much on the durability?

It is because a knife with low durability will surely develop a crack, dent, or may even rust due to climatic conditions.

This will affect the quality of the cut and the taste of the steak.

Moreover, you do not want the knife to break, while having dinner with your family.

Serated steak knife – Comfort

The last factor is comfort while holding the knife.

A handle with a comfortable grip will reduce the effort required to cut the meat.

Moreover, the comfort level determines the effectiveness of the blade.

Therefore, we would highly recommend choosing a knife with a comfortable handle.

How can you identify these knives?

First of all, you must make sure that the handle has in-built patterns for your fingers.

Make sure that the material of the handle is comfortable to hold.

Secondly, you must go through the reviews of the product, which mention specifically the handle of the knife.

Make sure that you buy products from reputable sites, as they have genuine product reviews.

Best steak knives – Frequently Asked Question

What are the best steak knives?

Have you ever wondered which is the best knife steak lovers use?

Through our intense research and experience with steak knives, we came to know that the ‘Mercer Culinary Stainless steel Knife’ is the best product.

The knife offers almost every feature that is expected.

It offers a comfortable grip, sharp-edged blade, high durability, easy maintenance, and more.

All these points make this product the finest choice on the market.

Are serrated steak knives better?

The answer completely depends on your expectations.

If we look from the perspective of sharpness, then serrated knives are surely better than a straight blade.

It can easily cut any steak without much effort.

However, in terms of precision during cutting, these knives lack compared to a straight blade.

What makes a good steak knife?

We have already discussed some factors, however, as a conclusion, the type of blade, durability, and comfort level determines the overall quality.

What are the best kitchen knives?

At present, the ‘RADA cutlery knife’ is the perfect knife for the kitchen.

Best steak knives consumer reports – Conclusion

In this blog, we have tried to understand the factors that make a great steak knife set.

We have also shared a list of the best knives on the market.

However, you may be struggling, while choosing one of them.

To make things easy for you, here are the top three steak knives.

The first product is the ‘Mercer Stainless Steel Knife.’

This product offers you high durability along with a sharp-edged blade.

The second product on our list is the ‘Triple Rivet Serrated Knife.’

It is one of the finest serrated knives on the market, which comes with a comfortable grip.

The third product on our list is the ‘DALSTRONG gladiator series.’

This product offers a great combination of stunning looks, durability, and a sharp blade.

Now it’s time for you to choose the best steak knife for you!