Smoking Wood Chart – What Is The Best Flavor For YOUR Meat (2020)

Getting the best wood to smoke your meat and smoke the other different great dishes in your home can be a real chore. You may know more by looking at its smoking wood chart. There are so many types of wood, and each class can be used for a different type of food and great flavor.

Smoking Wood has a strong, great flavor that tends to stand out in your meal without being too overwhelming. That is why it is essential not to use the wrong one to smoke your food as it may overwhelm the flavor and give out the wrong flavor, thereby damaging it.

There is a right way to smoke your great food properly to give it the perfect sweet flavors. This article will consider how to choose the perfect one for your meal.

What is the best smoking wood?

There are so many various types of wood out there, and some great types are better for some dishes. While a kind may be perfect for one type of meat (for example, pork), it might not be the best one for your vegetable and might even end up ruining it. The best and most great popular ones for smoking meat is hickory, apple, mesquite, maple, oak, cherry, and alder. On the other hand, milder wood-types like pecan are preferable for non-meat and vegetable smoking.

Can you Mix woods according to the smoking wood chart?

The most endearing thing about high wood is the sweet flavors it gives. And just like food, you can mix multiple types of wood to provide you with one distinct characteristic—the wood types like hickory, mesquite, pork. Your use gives the meat or whatever you’re roasting that different sweet flavor.

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Maple, oak, and apple are sometimes mixed with stronger flavor types to smoke food. Mixing-wood requires knowledge, so it is advisable to ensure that you’re well informed about what you’re about to mix before attempting to combine them. You don’t want the flavor of smoke from it overshadowing your food.

Meat smoking chart: What Do You Smoke using apple wood for smoking?

Applewood is a lightly flavored one that can be used to make a couple of dishes. It is mildly flavored and lets out a fruity scent when smoking. Applewood can be used for salmon, seafood, lamb, beef and pork, and ham. Its mild scent makes it very possible to combine it with other smoking-wood to give an impressive hybrid scent.

Smoke flavors – What wood should not be used for smoking

Smoking with wood gives a strong sweet flavor, but some wood types like hickory, mesquite, pork are considered a little poisonous and will probably ruin your meal, so it is better to avoid the wrong kind of wood even if it gives an intense sweet flavor. Woods like cedar, cypress, pine, spruce, redwood, fir, elm, liquid amber, and sycamore have a powerful feeling that most people will consider too healthy for roasting food. It is because the taste might overpower whatever you’re preparing.

Wood-types like almond, aspen, ash, and bamboo contain toxins that are poisonous to humans. These poisons usually survive the roasting process, and some of the toxic matters can be transferred into the food you’re smoking and can make you sick. Also, if you’re in doubt about the type of wood you have, it is better not to use it.

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You don’t want to use a wood type that will end up damaging your meal with a strong flavor. Painted one, wood treated with chemicals, ones that seems to have mold growing on them or stained woods should be avoided at all costs. The compound added to them is poisonous.

Cherry wood for smoking: How to use a smoker with wood chip

When you want to roast your meal or meat, soak all the wood chip, you will need to cook that meal (shredded wood) in water. It should be for at least  30 minutes before use to keep it wet so the scent can come to the fore.

Then, add it to your smoker for a couple of minutes before putting your meat in. Make sure the wood chip is not burning too intensely to avoid the acrid flavor of the smoke, little embers allow more feeling.

Apple wood for smoking – Can you barbecue with wood

Yes, you can barbecue with wood, though it is not very recommendable, especially if you’re a novice and are trying to do it for the first time. Your wood can burn too high and end up ruining your meat. So if you want to barbecue for the first time, you might want to consider using a grill.

Pecan wood for smoking – How to use smoking Chip

Choose your wood type, depending on the kind of meal you want to prepare like the pork’s flavor.

Break the wood into chips.

Soak it in water for 30 minutes or more.

For electric smokers or gas grills, fill the smoker box with wood chips. For coal grills, make a pouch with holes using aluminum foil and put over the coal.

When the embers light up properly, put your meat or roast on the grill.

Add more chips at regular intervals for getting a strong flavor.

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Wood smoking chart: Where to buy wood for smoking>

You can buy your smoking wood from most great online vendors, as long as their trustworthy. The primary perk of buying online is the label. Most roadside vendors have no proof that their wood is a particular type, and except you are very familiar with wood, you might not know the difference. So always try to buy your wood from trusted vendors that dry their wood correctly. You can buy wood on

Alder wood for smoking: What type of wood chunk is best for smoking chicken

The best high wood for smoking chicken would be hickory. The flavor this wood emits is stable and tends to compliment the flavor and taste of the chicken. Other characters you might consider would be cherry, pecan, or apple. If you decide to use apple, you might have to mix it with a more strong flavor wood, like oak, pork, hickory, mesquite.

Peach wood for smoking: How to cut the wood into smaller chunks

To reduce any type of wood into smaller pieces, you might want to consider getting a saw as they make cutting much more comfortable.

Wood smoke grill: How to light a smoker grill

To light a smoker grill, you will need a very accurate kitchen thermometer to check the temperature of the grill. Set it up to 225° depending on what you are preparing.

Add the charcoal or wood chips to the chimney, wait till it is burning correctly before adding the meat.

Check the temperature of the grill to ensure that it is consistent.

If you used charcoal, it is time to add your wood chip.

Add sprinkles of water often to keep it hydrated as the sweet wood flavor tend to come out more then.

Monitor your meat while it cooks.