How Long For Smoking Pork Shoulder – Recipe At 225 Temp (2021)

Different types of meat have different ways of preparation. Some can be smoked using a smoker of your choice, grilled, broiled, or even fried. Most types of meat can be prepared using any of these methods. Pork meat is one that is eaten all over the world and it has a unique taste and flavor that most people enjoy.

In meat also, temperature for preparation matters greatly, some meats tend to heat up easily and cook faster than some others cook time is low and slow, that is why it is very important to know the right internal temperature to cook your meat so you don’t overcook or undercook. This article will be considering the duration it will take when smoking this meat.

Pork butt – How long does it take to smoke a pork shoulder?

How Long For Smoking Pork Shoulder

It is quite easy to make but might take a couple of hours to prepare it perfectly using a smoker of your choice, and getting everything right will make your meat shoulder or the pork butt delicious. Marinating your meat, any kind of meat including pork meat shoulder and pork butt is very important, it gives the meat flavor, taste, and softens it. While it, not something you absolutely have to do before preparing your pork meat shoulder, it makes your cooking a little more meaningful.

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In the past, preparing your pork meat shoulder could take between 7-9 hours, the process was such that the meat shoulder would be crisp outside and soft inside and most of the time, it came out well. Fortunately, the advent of smoker grills have greatly improved things, most grills will do smoking of your meat smoke your meat within 3 hours. It’s a faster method but it being a better method is yet to be proved. There are 2 major ways with which smoking meat shoulders can be done these days.

The first one includes you marinating your chicken. So you might want to consider the alternative if you don’t have a marinade and you cannot make one at home.

Smoked pork shoulder – How to Smoke Pork Shoulder using Condiments?

Preparing it does not entail so many details. Once procedures are mastered, you can prepare an amazing dish. This method of preparation is very straightforward and easy to follow. This method is low and slow and does not require you to marinate for longer hours, for instance, more than 2 hours.

To follow this method all you need to do is prepare your condiments in a bowl, spices, salt, and flavors note that there should be no liquid. When they’re thoroughly mixed, rub them all over your shoulder meat, be sure to taste for salt to ensure that it is just enough.

Then heat up your grill to about 250° and lay your smoked pork shoulder(s) on the smoker.  Don’t turn the meat at intervals, but you can check to make sure it is cooking properly while on the smoker, once it begins to dry out, use a barbeque mop to soften the meat and keep it from drying out.

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Once it has stayed on the grill smoker for about 1 hour, mop the meat at 30 minutes intervals to keep it from drying out and burning. You can test the temperature at the widest part of the meat, once it is at 200°, it is ready to be taken off

Pork butt recipes – How to Smoke your Pork Shoulder using Brine?

Brine is majorly a saltwater and flavor solution that you can immerse your meat in to give it more flavor and keep it moist throughout the time of preparation. Even though smoking pork shoulder takes long smoking time, the brine keeps it moist enough to cook it to perfection and gives it more flavor and taste.

In the alternative, you can make a marinade as both mixtures perform almost the same functions, giving it more flavor and taste. You can also decide to do both, marinade and brine, but since both mixtures have salt, you might want to put salt in only one mixture.

Once your meat is fully marinated, get your wood ready, you can use any of apple and hickory as they do the smoking of pork shoulders best. It’s also important that you soak the wood in lukewarm water for a couple of minutes to bring out its flavor as well.

Next, set your grill smoker to a temperature of 225° and put your marinated meat on the grill, remember to break your wood into much smaller pieces before adding it to the fire, then put your meat shoulder on it.

You can turn it at regular intervals to make sure it cooks thoroughly and keep it from burning. The brine keeps it hydrated and safe from burning, but make sure to check at regular intervals. It can be in the grill for some time, over 8 hours before it is thoroughly cooked.

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To check if the smoking pulled pork is ready, you can use a digital thermometer or a kitchen tong. For the kitchen tong, simply use it to separate the meat from the bone, if it is removed from the bone easily, It means it is ready to be taken off the grill, for kitchen thermometers, it will be about 190 or 200°.

Smoking Pork Shoulder-How to Smoke your Pork Shoulder using Brine?

Smoked pork butt – How Long Does it Take to Smoke a 10 lb pork shoulder?

Smoking Pork Shoulders might sometimes depend on the quantity per pound of meat you want to put on the smoker. If you want to do smoking using a smoker, then follow the instruction on marinating or ingredients rubbing and put it on the grill, 1 pound at a time for about 1 to 1 and a half hours per pound at 250° internal temperature. Once the internal temp reaches 200° internally, you can put it in the next pound. So it will take about 10 to 15 hours.

Smoked pulled pork – How Long Does it Take to Smoke a 5 pounds pork shoulder?

A 5 pounds meat shoulder will require time between 5-7.5 hours of smoking to be thoroughly cooked. You can put the smoked pulled pork shoulder in 1 pound pork at a time, smoking at a temperature of 250° on the smoker. Once its 200° internally, you can take it out to cook the next pound.

Smoked pulled pork recipe – How Long Does it Take to Smoke a 9 pounds pork shoulder?

Smoking a 9 pounds meat shoulder takes about 14 hours per pound. You should put the meat shoulder on the grill, the temperature should be at 225°, once the meat reaches 200° at the thickest part, you can put in the next batch.