How To Use a Meat and BBQ Smoker Grill? (2021)

You’re used to visiting your favorite BBQ restaurant and grill and have decided to try and replicate your favorite smoked BBQ dishes right at home. You can grill meats, fish, cheese, and foods at lower temperatures for longer periods on a smoker. It is one option for creating the tastiest of “slow foods”. Let’s take a look at how to use a smoker grill.

Smoker grill – Basics

Choose your meat smoker grill

You can find traditional smokers available as well as electric, propane gas or even wood pellet options. Electric smokers and propane gas smokers may be a little easier to grill with, but wood or pellet smokers provide incredibly rich flavor to your foods.

How to use a smoker grill – What to do

Here’s how to use a smoker grill. Prepare your smoker grill by either making sure it’s plugged in, connected to a propane gas source, filled with pellets, or other fuel. Ignite it as you would a regular grill. Preheat it and then adjust to the desired cooking temperature.

Smoker Grill


Place your meat or fish on the inside grill, perhaps over a pan of water, and close the lid. You may want to turn or check on your food, however, keep it to a minimum. Every time you lift the lid, you’ll lose heat and smoke from the fire that will prove valuable to your cooking.

Tips for how to use a bbq smoker grill

Grill smoker – Cleaning

If you like easy cleaning, a gas or electric model will probably be preferable, but if you want that rich smoky flavor, nothing beats using coals or a pellet unit.

Outdoor smoker – Flavor

To achieve rich grill flavored food on an electric or gas grill, add a small pan of wood chunks in water to your cooking grill to help create smoke. The chips will give the food that smoky flavor, while the water will help keep your food from drying out. You can add water if needed when you turn your food. For charcoal units, you can add wood that has been soaked in water for approximately thirty minutes before placing your food on the grate.

Wood smoker grill – Using herbs & spices

Put a selection of herbs and spices in the pan of water and place the meat or fish above it.

Gas smoker grill – Choice of fuel

Choose the correct type of wood (chips or pellets) for what you are cooking. Plan on cooking for several hours, you will need to replenish the fuel.

Using a smoker – Monitoring temperature

Keep an eye on the temperature. 225° to 250°F is ideal. But much depends on the choice of food (meat, fish, or other) and the cut as well as how cooked you want it (rare, medium, well-done or somewhere in between).

Home smoker – Timing

When cooking, plan for one hour to one hour and a half for every pound of meat. Keep the temperature constant through using dampers or airflow controls and as a general rule don’t lift the lid. You can check on your food once an hour.

Barbecue smoker grill – Replenishing fuel

During your hourly check, ensure there are sufficient lit coals or whatever fuel you are using and refill the water container if necessary. Make sure you have and use a food thermometer.

Smoker bbq grill – Hygiene

After removing your food once it’s cooked, you will want to clean your grate with a steel brush while it is still warm. This facilitates cleaning and you will want to clean your grill after every use to guarantee hygiene and the long life of your grill.

Smoker sale – Recycling fuel

Do not use previously burned fuel as it may consume quicker and influence your cooking.

Smoker Grill

How to use a smoker – Correcting Common Problem

Small smoker grill – Heat control

Temperature control constitutes one of the major problems with a charcoal BBQ or grill. Propane, electric or pellet grill versions have heat controls built-in to control the fire. It is a good rule to begin cooking with a lower fire and slowly increase it to your desired level.

Cheap smoker grill – Damper control

For better control, use the dampers to control airflow. By opening the upper damper, you can reduce the heat from the fire by releasing air. If you need to increase it, open your lower damper to provide the fire with more oxygen. Airflow is increased or decreased depending on how narrowly or how widely you open or close the dampers.

Grill/smoker – Safety

If you are using a charcoal smoker grill, always have a squirt gun or water bottle available to help you keep fires under control.

Smoker bbq – Care and Maintenance

Small bbq smoker – Maintenance

Smoker grates should be cleaned with a wire brush and water after using your BBQ for smoking.

Small meat smoker – Grease removal

Debris or grease which collects at the bottom of your fire chamber should be removed after several uses. While wearing gloves, scrape the grease from the grill. Wipe down the sides and bottom with paper towels. Brush on a very thin coating of vegetable oil where you have cleaned to help in preventing rust.

Bbq smoker for sale – Rust prevention

A thin coat of vegetable oil may also be applied to the outside of your grill to prevent rust.

Smoker for sale – FAQs

Can you use a smoker as a grill?

When using covered grill models, it’s relatively easy by adding water-soaked wood to the charcoal bed. This will help to create clean smoke. A smokebox can also be placed on a BBQ grill.

How do you cook on a smoker grill?

The principles are the same as cooking on a grill. The grill should maintain a temperature of 225° to 250°F. It is a slow cook grill, so you need to give it time. You can put the wood to create smoke depending on which model you have, your tastes, and what type of food you are cooking and remember to maintain moisture while you cook so as to not dry the food out.

How do you use a basic smoker?

You choose your model and the fuel type (electric, gas, or pellet fueled). Preheat it and let the fire get underway, and then close the lid. Include a pan of water for moisture. When the heat is at the right level, place your food on the grate inside over the water pan and baste it with your preferred spices. Keep an eye on the thermometer and add more fuel as needed. When the allotted cooking time is finished, remove your food and allow it to cool a bit before serving.

How do you use a JumBuck smoker?

Jumbuck is a manufacturer of various types of BBQ grill models for BBQ smoking meat. Depending on the model you choose, it will be used like other smokers of the same type. JumBuck offers wood-fueled and gas-fueled smokers which permit you to slow cook your food. They offer a charcoal-fueled portable kettle smoker as well as propane-fueled BBQ smoker with as many as 6 burners. The gas grill will offer easier heat control while you cook.

Grill and smoker – Tools You Can Use

Useful equipment for meat smoking on a BBQ or grill includes:

  • Apron and heat-proof cooking gloves or mitts
  • Grill utensils including a brisket knife
  • Thermometer or wireless dual heat probe
  • Water squirt gun or spray bottle
  • Chimney starter for smoker grill

Choosing the best smoker for BBQ meat smoking will take your grill results to the next level.