Top 10 Outdoor Electric Grills for Beginners and Experts Alike 2021

Outdoor electric grills are fast finding favor with avid grillers. The market for these grills is growing fast and is a testimony to the growing need for this product. These grills are great for all of us who live in apartments or are do not have a provision to use traditional grills. The grills available these days are powerful, portable, and offer versatile cooking options. You will get a hassle-free grilling experience.

We have reviewed the best outdoor electric grills available to help you choose the one that suits your needs best.

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1. George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, GGR50B

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George Foreman and grills have become synonymous. And with this product, they have another winner. This electric smoke-free grill can work both outdoors and indoors. You can easily remove the grill from the stand and cook indoors. It has a circular design with a cooking space of 240 sq. inches. You can cook about 15 food items at a time on it.

Temperature control is easy with a dial and the grill heats up in 3-5 minutes. It has a dome-shaped no contact lid. The drip tray is placed in the middle and catches all grease. One gripe with this design is that if the drip is filled the food placed in the center of the grill soaks the overflow.

2. Char-Broil 17602047 Infrared Electric Patio Bistro

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The Char-Broil 17602047 is a winner and a great option if you are looking for a powerful and spacious grill. It has a 240 sq. inch cooking area with an additional 80 sq. in. of warming racks on each side. With its infrared technology and the circular design, the grill has uniform heating. The grill has great portability with a sturdy stand and wheels.

The highest temperature you can get on the grill is 550 degrees Fahrenheit. A couple of minor issues we came across include the complicated assembly and how quickly the grill loses heat. This makes checking on the food items cooking a challenge.

3. George Foreman 12-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Rectangular Electric Grill

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This is another electric smoke-free grill from George Foreman that can be used indoors and outdoors too. The grill has a cooking area of about 200 sq. inch. It has the same slope design to get all the grease and juices into the drip pan. The grill gives a high temperature of 440 degrees Fahrenheit.

While the stand is easy to attach and remove, it doesn’t seem too sturdy. It tends to wobble. Another common complaint customers have from the product is the size being small for the price.

4. George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, GFO240S

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This George Foreman grill has all the features and specs as that of GGR50B except the dome lid color which is gunmetal for GFO240S. The cooking area is just as large at 240 sq. inch. The grill has the patented slope design with the drip pan at the center. The pedestal stand is also easy to use and ensures you can use it outdoors easily.

One gripe we have with the product is that the grill plate cannot be removed. The lack of a manual to assemble the product can also create issues for a few of us. The highest temperature the grill has is a good 500 degrees and helps you get a good sear.

5. Weber 52020001 Q1400 Outdoor Electric Grill

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A Weber product this grill is one of the two popular brands from the brand. The grill has a cooking space of 189 sq. inch. It needs to be pre-heated for 20-25 minutes to reach the highest temperature. The most attractive feature is its porcelain-coated cast iron grill grates. Not only does it give good grill marks, but also ensures even heat distribution and retention. It also has a hinged dome lid.

The grill is portable and comes with a pretty long chord. The one major drawback is the missing stand, which makes it tough to use outdoors. Weber does sell a cart for outdoor but you will need to buy it separately.

6. Weber 55020001 Q 2400 Outdoor Electric Grill

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The best of the lot, this grill from Weber is a winner. It has one of the biggest cooking spaces of 280 sq. inch. A porcelain cast iron grill that gives great results and an aluminum lid and body. The grill heats up quickly and gives consistent results.

A sturdy, quality product this grill is meant not designed for indoor use. The manufacturer has specified in the manual that the grill is meant for outdoor use only. The model comes with heat control settings and a removable drip pan. A few things we would love to have in the product include a stand/tray and a built-in thermometer.

7. George Foreman GFO3320GM Indoor/Outdoor Gun Metal Electric Grill

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Another great option from George Foreman for everyone looking for a spacious smoke-free grill. A circular grill with a cooking capacity of 240 sq. inch grill. It comes with a removable stand but has portability issues owing to its weight. It has adjustable temperature controls and also has a temperature gauge on the lid. The porcelain coating makes it durable and improves performance.

It has the George Foreman slope design and a removable drip tray. Bear in mind that the cooking plate is not removable. You will have a hard time cleaning it. Another problem we faced was the slope design, it runs the risk of dripping liquids brimming over.

8. Cuisinart Grid-180SAL Indoor/Outdoor Grill

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At 180 sq. inches of the cooking area this is smaller than other outdoor grills on the market. A great feature is its reversible cooking plate with a grill on one side and a griddle on the other. The cooking plate is removable and can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher. The removable stand for outdoor use is not too sturdy and can get a little wobbly at times.

The inbuilt temperature probe goes from 200-400 degrees. The highest temperature it goes to is not a favorite with us. The drip pan is hidden and goes in at the side.

9. Easy Street Electric Tabletop Grill with easy-view window and rotisserie

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This Easy Street grill is an outdoor only electric grill. It has a cooking surface of 200 sq. inches with a see-through window on the lid. The grill has 3 positions cooking element with a rotisserie for roasting chickens, etc. The heating element uses infrared technology. There is a drip cup at the back of the pedestal base.

It also comes with a reflector pan that is placed below the grill and is placed close to the grill. We definitely do not love this feature as the pan is prone to flare-ups from the grease and oil build-up. The rotisserie too does not fit easily and the instruction manual seems incomplete.

10. Easy Street 9210 Portable Utility Tabletop Electric Grill

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Another outdoor grill from Easy Street and is easily portable. The grill has a cooking area of about 164 sq. in. and thermostatic temperature control with options from low to high. The pedestal stand has a drip cup but is not sturdy enough and seems flimsy.

The grill heats up quickly but the overall build and quality leave a lot to be desired. The lid was tough to screw-in and the manual was of little help. The metal used is too thin and the grill has to be handled and assembled with care.

What to look for in an outdoor electric grill

Before you zero-in on which outdoor electric grill to buy here’s a list of features to look out for.

  1. Size or the cooking space – You might like a particular grill but ensure that it neither too big nor too small for your usual cooking requirements. If you regularly cook for bigger groups investing a little more in a bigger grill is wise.
  2. The temperature control – The grill should be able to reach high enough temperatures to cook all kinds of foods well. An adjustable temperature probe is also a good addition.
  3. Price – While you chose the best grill available in your budget it is better to spend a little more on quality products that last longer.
  4. Outdoor compatibility – From a sturdy stand, portability to the length of the power cord, check how easy will it be for you to set it up outdoors.
  5. The grill plates – Look for grill plates that have even heat distribution, can be cleaned easily and have a durable coating. We love cast iron for its even heat distribution, grill marks and more. But a good non-stick material works well too.
  6. Ease of cleaning – Ensure that the grill is easy to clean. A grill with removable grates is easiest to clean and maintain. Look for dishwasher safe parts, removable lid and drip pan. Cleaning a grill properly will ensure it stays in shape and is safe to use.

While you learn from experience and practice to get the best out of your outdoor electric grill, we recommend keeping in mind a few safety measures.

Electric grills have made outdoor grilling possible for everyone. Check the reviews above and choose one. Happy grilling!