Meat Smoking Temperature Chart For Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork, Chicken, BBQ and Many More (2020)

To be a master of the art of the pit, you need to understand the right temperature that you should use to smoke your food. Here, three things are essential: the amount of smoke, times, and temperatures. The art is learned by realizing that even the masters use a different temperature thermometer to check the temperatures in the cooking chamber. It helps to have a meat smoking chart.

Meat smoking chart – Basics

One thing that is clear about smoking meat is that there are different temperatures and times for each. This is so because the constituent of each meat differs from another. If you follow the right guidelines for smoking meat, you will get the best taste of each food that you smoke.

We have gone out in the industry and researched the meat temperature and smoking times required for each meat so that we may help you get the best out of your meat, baby back ribs, or whatever you choose to cook. We also talked to the experts to learn the best smoking times and temperatures that can serve best when smoking meat.

For this reason, we have charted every type of meat that we believe is commonly used in BBQ smoking. There is the category of the part of the meat, the temperature required, the perfect time for smoking meat and any other important detail that we think is of importance.

Beef smoking times and temperatures

	Smoker Temp	Finished Temp	Smoking Time
Beef brisket	225-250° F	190-205°F	12 - 20 hours	
Back ribs	225-250° F	185-190°F	3 - 4 hours	
Short ribs	225-250° F	190-200°F	6 - 8 hours	
Spare ribs	225-250° F	190 to 203°F	5 - 6 hours	
Prime rib	225-250° F	135° F for Medium	15 minutes/lb	
Chuck roast	225-250° F	190-200°F	12 - 20 hours	
Rump roast	225-250° F	145° F for Well Done	30 minutes/lb	
Whole ribeye	225-250° F	135° F for Medium	25 minutes/lb	
Tenderloin	225-250° F	130°-140° F	2 1/2 to 3 hours	
Tri-tip	225-250° F	130° F to 140° F	2 to 3 hours	
Sausage	225-250° F	160° F	30 - 60 mins	

Smoking Times and Temperatures for Pork

  	Smoker Temp	Finished Temp	Smoking Time
Pork butt	225-250° F	205°F	1.5 hours/lb
Baby back ribs	225-250° F	180°F	5 hours
Spare ribs	225-250° F	180-185°F	5 - 7 hours
Loin	225-250° F	145°F	4 - 5 hours
Belly Bacon	less than 100° F	140° F	6 hours
Whole Hog	225-250° F	205° F	16 - 18 hours
Tenderloin	225-250° F	160° F	2 1/2 - 3 hours
Pork sausage	225-250° F	165° F	1 to 3 hours

Cooking Time and Temperature for Smoking Lamb

 	Smoker Temp	Finished Temp	Smoking Time
Lamb leg	225-250° F	140°-150° F	4 - 8 hours
Lamb shank	225-250° F	190° F	4 - 5 hours
Lamb shoulder	225-250° F	170° F	5 - 5 1/2 hours
Lamb rack	200-225° F	135°-140° F	1 1/4 hours

Sea Food and Fish Times and Temperatures

 	Smoker Temp	Finished Temp	Smoking Time
Salmon whole	200° F	145° F	Starts to flake
Whole trout	225°F	145°F	1 hour
Salmon Filet	220°F	145°F	1 hour
Tilapia Filet	220°F	145°F	1 hour
Lobster Tails	225°F	140°F	45 min
Oysters	225°F	N/A	30 - 40 min
Scallops	225°F	145°F	45 - 60 min
Shrimp	225°F	N/A	20 - 30 min

Poultry Smoking Temperatures and Times

	Smoker Temp	Finished Temp	Smoking Time
Chicken whole	275°-350° F	170° F	2 - 3 hours	
Chicken quarters	275°-350° F	170° F	1 - 2 hours	
Chicken thighs	275°-350° F	170° F	1 1/2 hours	
Chicken wings	275°-350° F	170° F	1 1/4 hours	
Turkey whole	275°-350° F	170° F	4 - 5 hours	
Turkey leg	275°-350° F	170° F	2 to 3 hours	
Turkey wings	275°-350° F	170° F	2 - 2 1/2 hours	
Turkey breast	275°-350° F	165° F	4 hours	
Quail / Pheasant	225°F	165°F	1 hour	
Cornish Hens	240°F	165°F	2 hours	
Whole duck	225°-250° F	165°F	4 hours	

At this moment, we know that the question you may have is how to tell when the food that you are smoking is ready. In this section, we shall tell you what to look at.

How can you tell when the brisket that you are smoking is done?

After following the right temperature and time from the meat smoking chart for the beef brisket, and you are not yet sure that it is cooked, you can know by checking to see if there is a jiggling of the muscle like a jello bowl. When you slide in a toothpick, it should feel as if it is sliding in warm butter. These signs are an assurance that your beef brisket is ready.

How you can tell that your baby back ribs are done?

You can tell that your ribs are done by first considering to smoke them at the right temperature and time according to the meat smoking chart. Ribs that are properly cooked should not fall off the bones that they are attached to. However, the best test is when you make a gentle bounce with your tongs on the surface and they make a crack. The last test is when the meat from the ribs pull off cleanly without strain.

When meat smoking, several things can impact the smoker cooking time. You need to understand them clearly before completely sticking to the meat smoking chart. They include the following:

  • Deboned and bine-in meat cooking time difference.
  • The diameter and thickness of the meat.
  • The fat and the connecting tissues that are in your food.
  • The type of smoker that you are using. This affects the time because there are those which are more efficient than others.
  • The temperature of the surrounding weather determines how long the meat will take to cook. This is because the grill will be working in two ways, to smoke the food and to keep up with the temperature outside.
  • The insider of the smoker in terms of humidity also affects smoking cooking time. This is because the grill will adjust to whatever environment it is in. It will adjust to underplay or overplay these conditions for the best results in the end.

Pork ribs temperature chart – Correcting Common Problems

In the smoking industry, there are several common problems that people find themselves with. In this section, we have dug deeper into research to come up with a list of common problems associated with meat smoking and the correction for the same.

  • Considering that all meats are smoked at the same temperature and time. This mistake is common, especially for beginners. Most of these people think that provided you are smoking food; you can use the same meat temperature to cook different types. To correct this, you need to have a manual of meat temperature times, a meat smoking chart, to be able to differentiate what each type of meat requires. This will allow you to get the best meat to smoke without much strain. Your confidence will soar when you can make sure that all of the meat is prepared well.


  • The other common problem is following meat smoking times and temperatures blindly. Many people believe that whatever is written on the smoking chart is final and that it is failure-proof. Well, this is not the case. The experts came up with a standard smoking chart that can be referred to, but you need to make sure that you consider different conditions that might call for a different approach. Several things can alter the way you can use a smoking chart.

They include the temperature that is outside the smoker, the thickness of the meat as well as its diameter, the type of smoker you are using, and the type of meat smoking you want to do. The way to correct all these is by ensuring that everything is considered. Take into consideration the above factors and challenge yourself to become a master of the smoker pit so that you know if the meat smoking chart you are following has the right temperatures and times indicated.


  • Assuming that all grills are the same. When it comes to smoking, we should understand that different grills and smoker models have been manufactured with a notable difference from one another. This is because the manufacturer wants to meet different needs. There are those which have been made to work faster and effectively more than others. There are those which have been made to use different fuel products for cooking. All these differences challenge the way we do things and therefore, you shouldn’t follow a meat smoking chart blindly. Look at the grill that you are using and adjust it in accordance and to give you the best smoking temperature for your needs.


  • Not differentiating between ready and done when smoking your food. You must understand this because it makes all the difference. When your smoked meat is done, it simply means that you have done what is necessary for it to be cooked. When it is ready, it simply means that nothing more can be done to it so that it can be better. Many people use a meat smoking chart and conclude that the food in their smoker is ready while in reality, it is just done.

smoking – Best Practices in the Industry

In the smoker industry, you must maintain cleanliness because you are handling food that is going to be consumed by human beings. You can make sure of this by ensuring that the food you are grilling is thoroughly cleaned. You also have to make sure that the surface that you are working on is cleaned regularly. This will prevent you and the partakers of the food from contracting infectious diseases that are caused by unhygienic handling of food.

When smoking your food, ensure that you are always removing food that is beginning to stick on the grates. This should be done immediately to avoid the stress of removing it when it is already stuck. This will also help you in ensuring that the longevity of your grates is assured.

One other best practice in the industry is ensuring that you look at the general functionality of every part of the smoker. This will help you understand the improvements that you can make in all ways for the betterment of your experience with cooking. If the grates need a replacement, you will understand how to go about it. If the temperature control is not working well, maybe it’s because the ventilation is jammed. If the stability of your smoker needs to be checked, you will be able to do so without much strain and replace the stand if need be.

Smoking temperature – Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you smoke meat?

Meat is smoked at different times, and temperature levels, depending on several factors. They include the following: the type of meat, the temperature, the size of the meat, the working conditions of the smoker, the temperature of the surrounding environment, and part of the meat that you are cooking. Considering the above factors, you will notice that some meat takes longer to smoke than others while others take a shorter time to smoke.

What meats smoke quickly?

In general, the meat that is lighter and has less tissue but more fat smoke faster than those which are thick and have many bones. The lighter the meat, the faster it cooks in the smoker. In comparison, you will realize that seafood smokes faster than beef because of its lightness.

What meat is best to smoke?

All meats are best to smoke if you follow the right procedure, temperature, and time to smoke. This is because each has different requirements for smoking so that the best results can be achieved. When you follow the guidelines that are given by pitmasters, you can make sure your cookout is one of the best.

Can you smoke meat at 150 degrees?

Yes, you can smoke meat at 150 degrees F. This depends on the type of meat that you are smoking. Some require a higher temperature and others require a lower temperature. For example, poultry can be smoked at a lower temperature.

How long to smoke sausage at 225?

You can smoke sausage at a temperature of 225 within 3 hours while turning them every 45 minutes.

Is smoked meat cooked?

Smoking was primarily done for the preservation and later for taste. However, this can change and meat is considered cooked if the meat is well treated to remove any kind of bacteria that cannot be removed by just smoking.

How long does smoked meat last?

Smoked meat can last for several months if well smoked. It also depends on the temperature that it is kept at. When we talk about preservation, we should understand that several factors are brought together to bring about the lasting of the meat. When they are right, the meat can last for a long time.

How long to smoke a whole chicken at 250 degrees?

Smoking chicken at 250 degrees can take up to 3 hours in a smoker. This is when the grill is working properly without temperature fluctuation that constantly changes the way food is being smoked. For best and timely results, ensure that your smoker is in its best condition before smoking the chicken.

How long to smoke chicken quarters at 275?

When smoking chicken quarters with the right grill and in its best working condition, it should not take you more than three hours at most at a temperature of 275. It should be between 21/2-3 hours only. This will ensure that your chicken quarters are properly smoked.