Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Manual Instructions-How To Use It The Right Way 2020

Smoked meat has been one of the delicate dishes in the world for some time. The smoking process makes it soft, not chewy, and full of flavors. Various dishes can be made with meat, but none of them can beat the old fashioned smoked version. Smoked meat is preferred in various countries all over the world from the United States to countries like Japan. Though, the taste might not have varied by a large margin. However, the technology of smoking has surely changed over time.

Masterbuilt smoker manual – Basics

How to use masterbuilt electric smoker – History of smokers

Initially, charcoal smokers were used to heating and smoke a lump of meat. These smokers were fueled by charcoal for heat and required extreme patience. There were instances where people couldn’t get the desired smoked meat due to a lack of heat control and care while smoking in a charcoal smoker. However, technology has brought improved versions of smokers to the market. These smokers are more convenient to use and affordable. Also, they help you heat and smoke food very quickly as compared to traditional smokers. While there are many types of smokers on the market, the electric smoker has stood out the most because it is easy to control the heat and cooking process.

Masterbuilt sportsman elite manual – Types of electric smokers

There are three major types of electric smokers on the market. They are known to be the best electric smoker options. They are as follows:

Masterbuilt electric smoker tips – Bradley

These electric smokers have a unique feeding system that makes them easy to identify. If you are looking for an electric smoker in which you can control the amount of smoke and flavor in the food, then this might be the one. It offers more than ten different flavors of wood. Also, these smokers come in digital versions as well. This makes it easy to use and changing the temperature using the dial or remote from the smartphone is great.

How to use a masterbuilt smoker: Char-Broil

This electric smoker is one of the oldest electric smoker models on the market. They were introduced in the early 1950s and are preferred even now. An electric smoker is great for smoking once in a while. While the concept of this smoker might be old, the newer versions are installed with Wifi and Bluetooth systems. Hence, the electric smoker can be controlled with the application installed on your smartphone. This makes it easy to use while the taste of the smoked food remains the same.

How to use a masterbuilt electric smoker

The Masterbuilt electric smoker is the most compact one in this segment. Due to the compact design, most of the buyers prefer the Masterbuilt electric smoker. They are highly portable smokers, while the quality of the smoked food remains up to expectations. There are two main features of this Masterbuilt electric smoker. The first one allows you to use various types of flavored wood chips in it. The second one will enable you to restock the wood chips without opening the smoking chamber during the smoking process.

Masterbuilt electric smoker is one of the most preferred smokers in the world. Let us discuss it more. We must start with the Masterbuilt Smoker Manual.

Masterbuilt electric smoker manual -Techniques/ Tips to improve

Learning to smoke a slice of meat is not a child’s play. You need to be aware of the process in-depth to get the desired results. Many people buy an electric smoker but are unaware of the precautions needed while smoking food. Therefore, here are some tips for smoking food in the Masterbuilt electric smoker.

The durability of the Masterbuilt smoker

People invest a lot of money in a Masterbuilt electric smoker for the first time but lack the knowledge that the smoker eventually breaks down. This happens as owners fail to follow simple steps to maintain the smoker. Here are the most crucial tips for keeping your Masterbuilt electric smoker in top condition.

  • Tip 1: Clean the smoker after use.
  • Tip 2: Let the smoker cool down after cooking.
  • Tip 3: Make sure to add a water pan in the process.
  • Tip 4: Follow the temperature as per the recipe.
  • Tip 5: Keep the smoker inside your home and cover it when not in use.


Many people fail to understand the importance of pre-heating. Let us understand this by an example. Suppose, if suddenly the temperature of your room increases, what will happen? Right! You will want to get out of the room or turn on your air-conditioner. That is the normal response. However, if the temperature increases slowly, then you won’t have a similar reaction. In the case of the food, if the smoker is not pre-heated then there are chances that the food will get burnt. However, if the Masterbuilt electric smoker is well pre-heated, then the temperature remains consistent, and you get the desired taste.

Need for a pan of water in the smoker

A pan of water is another essential part of an electric smoker. The pan of water promotes the smoke and adds the essential flavors to the food. Hence, yes, it is necessary to add a water pan to the smoker. While most people prefer water in a pan, you can use apple juice, beer, or any other liquid in a pan too. What you put in the pan completely depends on your taste as the liquid in the pan adds the aroma to the food.

Masterbuilt smoker instructions – Correcting common problems

There are various common problems that people face while smoking a lump of meat. Therefore, here are the solutions to the most common problems while smoking.


Seasoning is one of the most important steps to get the desired meat. Not only does it support the smoking of the meat, but also it prevents the chances of the meat getting burnt. The most common myth is that people season the smoker every time. However, a normal smoker requires to be seasoned only once. The role of this step is to eliminate dust and unnecessary odors from the chamber. Make sure that you apply the oil on every part of the cabin, including the racks. Then, turn the temperature to 120 degrees C for two to three hours. There you go, your smoker is ready for use at any time!

Facing difficulty in cleaning

Cleaning has been one of the major problems, and the most difficult part is to clean the racks, pan, and trays. However, this problem can be easily solved by putting foil over the tray. This will provide a neat and clean cooking experience for you, thereby keeping the smoker free from spillages and other messes, and saving you time.

Masterbuilt smoker troubleshooting best practices in the industry

Smoking a lump of meat has become more accessible by using advanced wood smokers. These smokers can be used with wood chips simply by following the manual instructions. However, there are certain things that only an experienced person can tell you. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Select wood chips based on your taste
  • Heat the smoker for the first time and let it cool down
  • After the meat has been cooked, let it remain in the smoker for a while to absorb the heat

Masterbuilt replacement parts – Tools to use

Here are some crucial things you must have while smoking a lump of meat.

  • Meat thermometer
  • Foil
  • Extra wood chips
  • Gloves
  • Utensils
  • Brisket Knife

Masterbuilt smoker instruction – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you soak wood chips for the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

This one is the most common myth. Most people believe that soaking the wood chips in water increases the smoke in the process. They also believe that soaking the wood will add more flavor to the meat. However, all this is not true. Soaking the wooden chips does not affect the amount of smoke in the meat. The only way to increase smoke is to add more chips and water in the container. The other ways are not effective.

How often do you add wood chips to a Masterbuilt smoker?

Wooden chips are the most important ingredient to get a lump of meat with the perfect flavor. They are the raw material for the smoke the meat absorbs. Hence, the quantity of chips you add for cooking changes the taste by a huge margin. Though the amount of chips required varies from smoker to smoker. Yet there is a particular trait that all smoking processes show. Usually, to cook for an hour, you need to add approximately a cup of wooden chips. Therefore, if you are cooking for three hours a week, you need about three cups of wooden chips. The wood doesn’t affect the heat, only the smoke. You can discover more reading the Masterbuilt smoker manual.

How do you use the Masterbuilt signature series on an electric smoker?

  • Make sure that the wooden chip smoker box and the water pan are in place. Do not pour water in the pan.
  • Plugin the electric smoker and press the power button to switch on the smoker and heat it up.
  • Set the heat to 275 degrees F.
  • Set the timer for about 3 hours or 180 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, in the last 45 minutes, you need to add ½ cup of wood chips in the tray or pan for the completion of the pre-seasoning procedure.
  • Turn the smoker off as soon as the time ends and allow the heat to dissipate.

Masterbuilt electric smoker instructions – Final thoughts

There are traditional charcoal smokers and the latest electric Masterbuilt smoker. Each smoker has its own merits and demerits.

Of the smokers available on the market, the electric smoker is preferred. These smokers are the most convenient to use in terms of temperature and heat control compared to all other smokers. Still, to get the desired smoked meat, you need to follow the steps above. These will help you not only to get perfect meat but also to maintain your smoker. Also, excess smoke reduces the taste of the meat, so the amount of smoke should be moderate over the cooking time.