Masterbuilt 20078715 – The Most Amazing Electric Digital Smoker (2021)

Who doesn’t love to throw a lavish BBQ party during summer weekends? You get a respite from your mundane life and strengthen the bond with your loved ones. All in all, merely organizing a barbeque party is not enough; you are required to cook savory meals for your guests in a traditional manner.

For this reason, you must purchase an excellent smoker like the Masterbuilt 20078715 digital electric smoker. There are several models available for purchase that expert users and even beginners can use without any hassle.

In this article, I introduce one of the best electric smokers that will not only ease your task, but you will be able to smoke different steaks traditionally. The feature that I found most promising while compiling this Masterbuilt 20078715 smoker review is that you can use it anywhere, in and outside your house.

Thus, you do not have to rely on the mercy of the climate after you have scheduled a barbeque party. You will be able to cook a large quantity of meat together; this will save much of your time that you can spend with your loved ones.

Apart from quality service and ease of use, you will also get several accessories with the Masterbuilt 20078715 electric digital smoker. Thus you do not have to spend extra and can get to work immediately. Smokers that work on electricity are better than traditional ovens; this is because of their remote monitoring feature.

Masterbuilt 20078715 – An excellent electric digital smoker that you can buy

Our experts have conducted thorough research to help you, the user, with the best electric digital smoker review on the market. While conducting the research, we considered several features that help create one of the most proficient smokers. Here we have focused on the Masterbuilt 20078715 Digital Smoker review. The model has an intuitive control panel and can cook a large amount of meat instantly.

Right after reviewing the product, you can also go through a detailed buying guide and frequently asked questions. These sections will help you learn more about smokers. Thus you can say goodbye to the traditional way of barbequing and purchase an innovative smoker that you can simply plugin.

Best in overall quality: Masterbuilt 20078715 smoker

Best in overall quality: Masterbuilt 20078715 smoker


  • Cooking space: 730 square inches
  • Grease management: drip pan
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 19.5 x 33 inches
  • Weight: 49.86 pounds

Extras: Warranty for the product, user manual, and excellent after-sales service

Overall rating: 4.9 out of 5

Whether you are a beginner or an expert smoker user, the all-new Masterbuilt 20078715 is easy to use. This model produces a large amount of heat in a small-time duration and has a high capacity. Thus you can cook delicious meals quickly. I found most interesting about the Masterbuilt 20078715 that you get to control and check the temperature and time via a digital panel. Thus you do not have to stand close to the smoker throughout the process of cooking.

Cleaning a smoker after a casual BBQ get-together is a tiresome and nauseating process. Well, thanks to the proper grease management system offered by the Masterbuilt, every single drop will get collected in the drip pan that you can empty from time to time. Cooking and smoking steaks at a high temperature requires a great deal of expertise as they are prone to get burned from the side. You do not have to worry about that as the Masterbuilt 20078715 has a powder coating on the inside.

The temperature probes are made of authentic stainless steel. Thus they can easily withstand high temperatures for a considerable time period. Furthermore, this model also has a feature of RF control from a remote place. Thus you can check the meat with just one touch of a button. Who doesn’t want to smoke steaks with the help of wood chips?

You can undertake such an endeavor with the help of the Masterbuilt 20078715 smoker. The wood chips smoking process will offer you a traditional smoky wood taste while you get excellent bark and maintain the meat’s tenderness.


  • This product is thoroughly insulated.
  • Offers large cooking space
  • Can check the temperature from a remote place
  • Proper grease and oil drip pan management system
  • Easy to handle wood chips loading system
  • Provides authentic wood smoking flavor


  • The product is a bit bulky.
  • The Control panel could be more interactive.

Buying guide for Masterbuilt electric smoker control panel

You must focus on several important features before buying an electric digital smoker as you will find it very effective to use it. Your level of expertise in smoking, your budget, and specific requirements are also fundamental when planning to purchase a smoker. If you are planning to make your kids learn the art of smoking different meats, it is essential to pick a simple smoker, an easy wood chip loading system, and be monitored from a safe distance.

We have focused on some of the essential features those of which give efficacy in making restaurant-style steaks. You will find it very easy to pick an electric digital smoker after you’ve gone through this buying guide.

What is the reason to invest in Masterbuilt 20078715 electric digital smoker front controller, 30-inch, black?

Let’s be frank. Smoking meat is one of the most difficult tasks, not to mention that people have had some unfortunate past incidents. Thanks to the revolutionized and sophisticated smokers, you can now monitor the food from a distance and get a traditional taste without much effort.

Electric smokers come with user interactive control panels that give you additional ease in picking the right temperature to cook specific meat types. These smokers also have a reliable locking system that helps to maintain the interior temperature and smoke properly.

Several factors you need to focus on

You get to choose from different types of smokers that have some unique features. However, few features are common in most of them. The following are common:

Cooking space

First things first, you are supposed to pick a digital electric smoker that has enough cooking space. Thus you can cook several dishes at a time and can serve a large number of guests easily. The Masterbuilt 20078715 offers a cooking surface of 730 square inches. Thus it will be easy on your part even to smoke big pieces of meat.

Warranty and customer service

It is crucial to pick a product that offers a genuine user warranty and after-sales services. Thus you can consult professionals right away and get information regarding small or big problems immediately. The Masterbuilt 20078715 has commendable customer service, and it also offers a product warranty.

Powder-coated surface

At every barbeque party, steaks are the main attraction. Thus you must cook them properly. Traditionally, steaks were prone to get burned, but not anymore as most smokers come with a proper powder coating. The powder coating also increases the smoker’s overall durability, and you do not have to spend much on repairs. The Masterbuilt 20078715 is duly coated with powder, which increases its lifespan.

Overall build

Indeed, you must check the material with which it is made. The Masterbuilt 20078715 is made of stainless steel. Thus you do not have to worry about a thing resistant to water, high temperature, and weathering. Furthermore, the interior is coated with a powder that offers added support. Being thoroughly powder-coated also makes it insulated. Thus you can use it without worrying about a thing.

Intuitive control panel

Nothing is more endearing than to have a control panel that you can operate without facing any glitches. The Masterbuilt 20078715 has a control panel from which you can pick the temperature, time duration, etc., with just one touch of a button. You need to purchase a unit with a one-touch on and off button; this gives you efficacy in taking the cooked meat out easily.

Overall price

There is nothing more endearing than to purchase something inexpensive. In case you are planning to purchase your first model or need to teach your young ones how to grill steaks, it is wise to purchase a Masterbuilt 20078715 electric smoker. You will get several features at a cost-effective price.


Children get attracted to barbeque parties. Thus you must get a model that offers a thorough locking system. With the modern Masterbuilt 20078715, you do not have to worry much in that context. It offers an easy to use wood chip loading system and manual locking system thus. You can keep the children out of the cooking area’s reach.

Grease management

Cleaning after the party is a challenging task, and it also consumes much of your time. This is why you need to go for a model that offers advanced grease and oil management system. The Masterbuilt 20078715 offers a removable drip pan in which all of the grease and oil droplets get collected, and you can get rid of it immediately. Moreover, the powdered coating on the inside will also give you efficacy in cleaning the walls with care.


For a BBQ party, you need to use a model that can easily cook different food items authentically. The Masterbuilt smoker can be used to make several dishes and cook different meat types. Thus you will find it easy to make side dishes like pizza, roasted veggies, etc., without using any additional equipment.

Temperature probes

How would you monitor the temperature of the meat inside the smoker? Traditionally you might have had to open the door from time to time and check it. This process is not only time consuming, but most of the smoke also escapes from the interior. To protect yourself from such a situation, it is wise to purchase a model with in-built temperature probes. The all-new Masterbuilt smoker has in-built probes made of stainless steel. Thus you can operate it for a considerable time interval.

20078715 – Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a Masterbuilt electric smoker?

Cleaning a Masterbuilt 20078715 is very easy since it has proper grease management and the interior is powder-coated. You have to empty the tray from time to time and after the cooking process is over, wipe down the smoker walls with a mild cleansing agent and a cotton towel. The grates of this model are made of authentic stainless steel. Thus you can clean them with regular tap water as they are rust-proof.

What is the best electric smoker?

The Masterbuilt 20078715 is considered one of the best models present in the market. It offers you ample space for cooking and has a user-friendly control panel. Thus you can easily cook different types of dishes without any difficulty. Furthermore, this smoker also has temperature probes that are made of stainless steel. You also get an opportunity to firmly lock the cooking space so that small kids can’t access it.

How do you use a Masterbuilt electric smoker?

Unlike a traditional oven, it is straightforward to use a Masterbuilt 20078715. You have to place the food items inside the cooking area and then set the temperature and time duration on the control panel on the top of it. The rest of the tasks will get automatically completed by the electric smoker.

Masterbuilt 20078715 electric digital smoker -Conclusion

The Masterbuilt 20078715 is one of the most promising models on the market you can purchase for your BBQ parties. This smoker has several features like an intuitive control panel, in-built probes for better control, etc. Furthermore, this model’s interior is also coated with powder, which offers you ease in cleaning it, and there is no fear of steaks getting burned. The large cooking space of this model allows you to smoke different types of meats in less time.