FoodSaver V3460 – Buyers Guide & Reviews

FoodSaver V3460 reviews system is a mid-range vacuum sealer.

Related to the balance of the models coming from the 3000 collections, the V3460 possesses greater suction power. It is easy to be used.

FoodSaver FM2000-000 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Bag/Roll Set, Black
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FoodSaver FM2000-000 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Bag/Roll Set, Black
  • Keeps food fresh up to 5X longer and helps prevent freezer burn*
  • Save up to $2700 yearly (based on buying in bulk, buying on sale, and preventing waste)**
  • New Technology - Minimizes Bag Material Used, 40% less than traditional FoodSaver units
  • Auto Vacuum and Seal Button - dual-purpose button vacuums out air and creates a strong heat seal, automatically stopping once food is airtight and ready for storage
  • Seal Button - easily seals rolls for custom sized bags

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FoodSaver V3460 Features

  • There are two various sealing rates.
  • It is integrated storage for food bag roll.
  • The pulse mode allows you to ensure soft or delicate foods.
  • You will discover accessory port and a marinaded mode
  • Effortless cleanup when sealing fluids or marinates.
  • Directly seals bags for easy usage.
  • It has starter package which includes: (1) – 11″ x 10′ bag roll, (3) – quart size bags, (2) – gallon size bags.


Classic and also portable, marinade setting, cylinder sealing capability.

  • The FoodSaver V3460 Vacuum Sealer Method has an upright design. It renders it moderately elegant features, as well as requires much less space to maintain the area in the kitchen.
  • This vacuum sealant consists of fast marinating mode, which helps to marinate fish, meat more quickly than it usually does.
  • The Foodsaver V3460 enables individuals to pick various setups, depending on the food type.
  • This home appliance is straightforward to use. It does not request a guidebook; all you want to do is just interpreted from the product packaging box.

The moist, as well as thoroughly dry food setup, can aid you in managing the vacuum speed according to the food items.

It also has the CrushFree Immediate Seal, which allows taking care of the beautiful food products by managing the airspeed.

  • This sealer is a cheap one, as it helps to lower loss and also it maintains food like no other device.


Takes longer to cool down, annoying auto-sensing function.

Refreshing Saver Hand-Held Vacuum Sealer

  • Because the sealant includes an automatic sensing unit, it prevents somebody from managing the securing procedure.
  • An additional trouble with FoodSaver would be the problem of running it. Several customers discover it discouraging when it pertains to starting this vacuum sealer.
  • Some clients assert that buying the bags is a huge worry, as they are quite pricey.
  • FoodSaver V3460 is a bit weak in securing various dimensions of bags.

Individuals find it bothersome when they place moist food things, as they tend to stick to the bags, as well as in some cases, the air does not entirely leave the bags.

About the FoodSaver V3460 – FoodSaver V3460 Reviews


The small, vertical model of the V3460 vacuum securing unit means that you can put it quickly on your cookery area board and still a tiny table and also run it. Although, given that the device requires an Air Conditioner power supply, it can not be used in a vacation car. That stated, you should be able to run the home appliance in a Recreational Vehicle or similar vehicle with power outlets.

Working Versatility for FoodSaver V3460 Reviews

The V3460 works identically well with pre-cut bags forward with bag rolls. The built-in roll owner demands both eight ″ as well as 11 ″ large bag rolls and also has a cutter to design personalized sizes of bags.

There is a vacuum port tended to the pipe associate, which can, after that, be employed to either seal barrels, boxes, container stoppers, or for quick marination. While the canister sealer point can be triggered by holding the ‘Device’ switch, you’ll require to launch the ‘Marinade’ switch to perform a quick 15-20 min marination.


The FoodSaver V3460 vacuum sealer securing package has an extremely modern-day expectation– a small upright framework with all all-black exterior. The control panel goes to the top and also features a lot more light signs than buttons, all set up within a horizontal strip spread across the face of the device.

The home appliance door at the front opens and drops down to reveal the interior of the vacuum cleaner sealant. On top is the bag roll tray as well as a cutter as well as decreasing from there you’ll find the vacuum port, sealer area, and also removable drip tray.

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Reduce Of Usage

Running the V3460 is relatively straightforward. You select a method of work (accessory, bag, or marinate), prepare appropriately, and also press the beginning. Nonetheless, the auto-sensing attribute only works when the vacuum cleaner is securing containers, and even by default, it is set to vacuum seal. So, if you intend to execute a seal only function, after that you’ll require to insert the bag’s mouth right into the port, and also promptly press the Beginning switch.

We additionally found that it was a lot smoother to operate the FoodSaver V3460 with the door open. As before-mentioned, removing the door as well as filling the bag right into the slot makes the task active.

The vacuum sealer and also seal times are a bit stretched with the device. Therefore, if you are planning to obtain a great deal of bags, then it’s finest to do so in small quantities of 2-3 bags with a break of 15 minutes within each time.

Service warranty and replacements

This product features a 1-year minimum guarantee on developing and craftsmanship. Specific third party guarantee suppliers like SquareTrade do deal 2 or 3 year covers on the online acquisition of the device. However, the guarantees do not cover damage from the incorrect use of the equipment.

Two components, specifically the arm and also cutter system and even the upper gasket unit, can be bought separately from the company web site and changed, as and when the need so develops.


The drip tray can be reduced from its slot to remove out any type of fluid advance that it may have caught and then picked. This part is a dishwashing machine safe, but you can wear it by hand, additionally.

The gasket is joining the vacuum sealer port also can be gotten rid of and even picked up to support it free from debris. To extend the life of the appliance, it is advisable to wipe the gasket as presently as every three months. You can replace it with a new one each year.

Buyers Guide – How to Choose Right Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer?

If you have been into vacuum securing modified foodstuff after that, you might already recognize the Foodsaver brand name. This is one of the most preferred vacuum sealer brands. Foodsaver has shown experience in the vacuum sealing industry. It supplies a range of external vacuum sealants at a reasonable price.

  • It’s straightforward to make use of and even a reputable brand for house users.
  • However, commercial consumers would undoubtedly be disappointed because it doesn’t create chamber kind sealants for business usage.

Before buying, it is always smart to check out as much information regarding the goods as possible. A number of the clients complain even if the outcomes they get do not match their expectations. It’s an extraordinary loss of time and also a loan, plus the online reputation of the brand name also gets impacted.

Nonetheless, there are additionally numerous negative versions of this brand. Particularly, when it concerns to toughness, we recommend our readers to run far away from some designs honestly. On the other hand, we can find some excellent versions of Foodsaver, which are worth every penny you invest. The affordable price is an irresistible attraction.

However, let’s study an affordable product on which you would undoubtedly need to consume twice the quantity for upkeep. Indeed, you would not wish to be attracted to an affordable price if that holds. So beware when it involves making a purchase choice. Having real errors with securing devices would prevent you from acquiring any vacuum sealer in all in the future. That would certainly be a pity as well as very unlucky for you because vacuum sealants are a must for your contemporary kitchen.