Chicken Injection – Best Way How To Do It (2020)

Injections have been used in the poultry industry for an extended period. Initially, they were introduced to overcome diseases in animals. These injections played a crucial role in saving the lives of many animals from a variety of diseases. With time, new needles came onto the market and these were used to boost the animal health or to provide necessary minerals.

Chicken injection – Basics

Injections in animals

These injections are solely used to get the desired results in the industry. Here’s an example. Suppose you are in the pork business. The pigs are in great shape, but the feedback says that the taste of the pork is not good. What will you do? One way is to use an injection. Simply inject specific ingredients into the pigs, and within weeks, the pork will taste better.

Just like we add salt, butter, or sauce to improve the taste of our meat on the plate. It’s a similar case with chicken injection techniques. If the farmer wants to increase the taste of the meat, he simply uses an injection of specific ingredients, just like we use butter and sauce. The majority of the poultry industry is highly dependent on medical science. Follow us as we explain more.

Types of injections – Chicken Injection

  • First category: Broadly, there are three types of injections given to a chicken. The first injection is a vaccine. The injection is given to the chicken from when it is an egg to the point when it is slaughtered. The injection contains antibiotics that help the chicken survive from known deadly diseases. Hence, the injection is essential, or you might end up eating an ill chicken.
  • Second category: The second category of injection might alarm you. The injection consists of drugs specially formulated to improve the overall taste and texture of the meat. Though designed to keep human health in mind, there may be some side-effects of drugs. These are usually injected in the breast of the chicken to add to its weight. Since this type of injection is used by most poultry farms in the world, it is nearly impossible to identify chicken that has been injected.
  • Third category: People are aware of the third category of injection used. These injections are also known as preservatives. Preservatives have been significant ingredients of the food industry since industrialization. Preservatives are used in almost all food items, from milk to pork. These ingredients have made it possible for humans to transport food items from one place to another without worrying about them getting rotten. You will be relieved to know that most of the preservatives used in the food industry are not harmful. However, we suggest you be cautious.
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Techniques/Tips to Improve chicken injections

What is plumping?

Let us understand this term by using an example. Again, imagine yourself as a poultry farmer who is in the business of chickens. You feed your chickens correctly and in an organized manner. You let them roam around in an open area. Also, you make sure they are appropriately vaccinated. Hence, your chickens are as healthy as possible. Now, the weight of the healthiest chicken is four pounds.

You take your chicken to the market and observe that there are farmers with eight-pound chickens. The surprising part comes when you learn that they took half the time to grow. What do you think the reason is? Yes, injections. An injection recipe has been specially formulated to add to the overall weight of the meat in less time. The common recipe used is generally salt.

You may ask how a salt solution can be harmful to you? We all use salt or butter in our day to day activities. From cooking food to tubes of toothpaste, salt is used almost everywhere, and it is beneficial for health as it increases sodium levels in the body. However, you might be aware that anything that is consumed over the limit is harmful. Since the farmers inject the salt artificially, it reduces the natural characters of the meat.

Is it fine to eat plumped meat?

There are various examples that show the harmful effect of excess salt in our bodies. In the United States, a massive chunk of the population suffers from high blood pressure and needs to monitor their consumption of salt, butter, and unhealthy sauce recipes which are high in butter content or fat.

This generally leads to heart problems in the future and may even lead to a heart attack. Though most people are unaware of the fact, the main reason behind it is plumped meat. Therefore, in conclusion, we can say that plumped chicken is not healthy.

Identification of plumped meat in the market

While there is no definite way to identify plumped meat, there are some common traits that plumped meat shows. The best way to identify plumped meat is through its weight. Yes, you read it right. Check its weight. Usually, every chicken weighs between three to five pounds.

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If you find any meat above this weight category then, it is undoubtedly a chicken that has seen a meat injector. You might think that maybe the weight of the chicken varies as different breeds of chicken exist.

However, this is not true. Consider the example of yourself. We humans have a specific range of weight. Concerning our height, we gain a specific weight and have a limit too. If we exceed that limit, then we become overweight, and this leads to various diseases. Chickens are similar; they have a specific range of weight. If they exceed it then they become ill, and no-one likes to eat diseased meat. Therefore, we suggest you buy meat based on its weight.

Correcting Common Problems When Injecting Chicken

Ignorance of farmers towards the health effects

After understanding the effects of injected meat, you might be angry with the farmers. You might want to talk to them and make them understand the side-effects. However, farmers are not the ones to blame. Due to an increase in population, the demand for meat is increasing day by day.

To meet the demand, farmers had to increase the supply. However, the birth rate of chickens is very limited in nature. To increase the population of chickens, injections were used. These injections were introduced to increase hormones in chickens. Hence, high demand has been the reason behind the use of injections. But is it a recipe for success or health problems?

The cooking of plumped meat

We know that sometimes it is challenging to identify plumped meat. Therefore, here are some things that you must do to remove the excess salt from your meat. The first step is to boil the chicken properly. There are many food giants, which follow this step. Usually, boiling the chicken removes all the undesirable bacteria, salt solution, and other undesirable ingredients from it. The second step is to fry the meat at a low temperature for a lengthy time. This step removes the excess salt effectively.

Chicken injected – Best Practices in the Industry

  • Do not pierce the chicken
  • If you are running out of time, you can simply inject the chicken with a special injection recipe to enhance the taste and texture
  • You can try an injection recipe consisting of different flavors such as soy sauce, apple juice, brown sugar, butter, or chicken broth to make a special marinade or sauce.
  • A common injection marinade or sauce mix includes 2 teaspoons of garlic powder, 2 teaspoons of soy sauce, 1 cup of apple juice, 1 cup of butter, 1 cup of chicken broth.
  • Combine together the garlic powder, brown sugar, sauce, and butter for the injection marinade and add to a saucepan and simmer the marinade.
  • Let the marinade or sauce mixture cool down and then inject the ingredients into the chicken meat
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Injected chicken – Tools you can use

  • Marinade meat injector
  • Measuring cup for sauce ingredients
  • Needle
  • Barbeque meat syringe
  • Stainless steel syringe (flavored) for seasoning
  • Generic meat injector or marinade syringe

Chicken injection marinade – Frequently Asked Questions

What is being injected into chicken?

Injection or plumping is a common practice in the poultry industry and has been prevailing for quite some time. Under this practice, the fresh chicken is injected with a solution or marinade of mainly saltwater to make it juicy and flavorsome. The recipe which is used for the plumping consists of various compounds that make up for 15% or more of the weight of the chicken before they inject it.

What is injecting meat?

To inject meat refers to the improvement and enhancement of the meat by artificial means by injecting a recipe of saltwater and other ingredients in it. There is a common recipe which is followed by most poultry companies, in which they inject the chicken meat with a solution consisting of chicken stock sauce, butter, or even garlic powder, along with seaweed extract or sometimes a combination of them. This special recipe enhances the flavor and texture of the chicken meat more rapidly compared to the natural process.

Final Thoughts about Chicken Injection

Chicken is a significant food in many recipe choices. There is a high demand in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Central Asia, and South America. Since the population of these countries is very high, there is a high demand for meat all over the world. This has forced the poultry industry to follow us, the consumers, and breed more chicken by using hormone injections.

This has also increased the chances of diseases among the chickens, which has been solved by antibiotic injections. These are injected from the time the chicken is an egg to the time they are ready for slaughter.

The increase in production has reduced the quality of meat overall. This has given rise to the term ‘plumping.’ To add weight to the meat, it is injected with salt solutions or oils. These injected substances are harmful to health. However, now with all this knowledge, you will be able to identify genuine meat quickly.