Best Cast Iron Griddles 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

We love cast iron skillets and cooking grills and as do most people passionate about bbq. The biggest reason we love them is that they heat up well and also maintain high temperatures for longer. It ensures the meat cooks well and you get a nice char too. Cleaning cast iron griddles are the easiest and so is re-seasoning them. And the durability is unmatched. They will last you longer than any other grilling accessory you have.

Cast iron griddle and grills have always been the first choice for us, and we have got great results with both meats and veggies. We have reviewed the best-cast iron griddles in the market right now and would highly recommend adding one to your kitchen. Just a bit of care and maintenance and these are going to last you a long, long time.

Here’s our review of the best-cast iron electric griddles available.

1. Lodge LPGI3 Pro-Grid Cast Iron Reversible Griddle/Pan

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The cast iron skillet from Lodge fits over two stove burners and comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil. The ready to use grill has reversible design and can be flipped over to use as either the griddle or as a grill. The grill has easy to grip handles on either side. The handles are large and ergonomically designed.

Both sides gave us good results and even heat distribution. A few users have complained of the griddle getting cracks while cooking. The manufacturer mentions that the griddle can be used on a glass cooktop. Just take care not to scratch the glass top when handling the griddle.

2. Lodge L9OG3ASHH41B Cast Iron Griddle and Hot Handle Holder

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Lodge has been making cast iron cookware close for over a 100 years, and their products are well-loved. The Lodge L90G3 cast iron skillet from the brand has a round shape and a diameter of 10.5 inches. The griddle comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil baked into the product, giving it a smooth black finish. The seasoning improves with every use.

The product is heavy, and the weight can take some getting used. The grill has good heat distribution and gives a good sear. Meats cooked well for us on this one. It comes with a silicone handle cover, do ensure that you handle it carefully as the handle can get pretty hot. The product is not dishwasher safe.

3. Vremi 20 inch Large Non-stick Cast Iron Griddle for Kitchen Stove Top – Two Burner Flat Pancake Grill Griddle Pan

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This is a reversible griddle and fits over two stove burners and has a cooking area of about 20 sq. Inches. The griddle has well designed and large handles on each side. The reversible sides have a griddle on one side and a grill on the other. It comes pre-seasoned and can be washed with warm water and mild soap, not dishwasher safe.

The griddle also has a slope to trap the grease. Also, keep in mind that the grill is narrow and can fit about four pancakes only at a time. It does have good heat distribution, but the griddle side finish leaves a lot to be desired.

4. Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle, LDP3

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A reversible griddle from Lodge this one is made to fit over two burners and can work with all kinds of stoves. The griddle comes pre-seasoned and has a superior smooth finish. The heating is uniform, just let it heat up and then place the food with some butter.

We missed having a grease reservoir on the griddle side and would have loved more depth to avoid the occasional splattering. It is durable and can last long with proper care and handling. Do not use harsh detergent/soap or put it in a dishwasher. Mild soap, water, and a lint-free cloth are all you need to clean it properly.

5. Reversible Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle

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This reversible griddle is from camp chef and is very spacious. It has a cooking area of 384 sq. n. The grill is pre-seasoned and ready to use. You will find molded handles on both sides for easy grip. The griddle is pretty heavy and does not give easy portability.

We loved the size of the grill, but the quality does not seem too right. A lot of users have complained about the griddle getting cracked. Another gripe we had was that the grill is warped, which can cause grease to collect and overflow from one side.

Whichever griddle you pick remember that you let it heat it before you start cooking. Always pre-heat at medium-low for best results. Once adequately heated a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet is non-stick.


Why should you buy a cast iron grill?

A few quick points for the nay-sayers or if you are on the fence about getting a cast iron griddle.

  1. All-weather cookware – Cast iron griddles can operate in any weather and can be used for both outdoor and indoor cooking. The cast iron grills and griddles can be used to cook any food. With their versatility, these can very well be the only cookware you need.
  2. Natural and non-stick – There has been a lot of speculation on non-stick surfaces being a health hazard. While all good brands have safe non-stick surfaces, it always feels better to use natural materials. Cast iron griddles are non-stick on account of the patina that forms on the surface on seasoning. Most griddles we have reviewed above come pre-seasoned. Anyhow seasoning is pretty straightforward and requires the least bit of effort.
  3. Heat retention and distribution – Cast iron griddles take time to heat up but have excellent heat retention and distribution. I ensure that you get even heating while cooking and no cold spots. It makes cooking easier, and the food doesn’t get dry, giving excellent results.
  4. Durability – Cast iron cookware is going to last you a long time, like really long.
  5. Easy to clean – You can use a mild soap or do away with soap altogether to clean a cast iron grill or griddle. The food lifts off quickly, and you put the hot pan (use mitten or a cover on the handle) under running water and scrape off any leftover food with a metal spatula.
  6. Iron in food – People use to accept that cooking in cast iron increases the content of iron in the menu. It is especially true when you cook acidic foods.
  7. Versatility – Your cast iron griddle is going to be the most versatile cookware you are ever going to own. You can use it over a stove or put it in an oven too.

Maintaining your cast iron grill

Cleaning – Clean the cast iron grill as soon as you finish cooking. Safely remove it from the heat and clean it with either running water or warm water. You can use any mild soap. Some people don’t use soap on their cast iron cookware, but we do and recommend it too. You can use a metal spatula to get any food stuck on the grill. Just scrape it off and clean the spot thoroughly. But ensure the running water is a little warm and not cold as it may warp your griddle.

Do not put your cast iron skillet or any other cast iron cookware in a dishwasher.

It is essential to dry the griddle as soon as you wash it. Do not leave it submerged in water. Either dry it carefully with a paper towel or put it on low heat over the stove till all the water/moisture is gone.

Seasoning – Once the griddle is completely dry, put some vegetable oil on a paper towel. Rub this on the griddle till its smooth and shiny. After covering it with vegetable oil keep it over low heat for about 2 minutes to seal in the seasoning completely. Over time, several layers of seasoning, get backed on the grill, making it non-stick and rust-resistant.

You can use sunflower oil, flaxseed oil, soybean or any other vegetable oil for seasoning.

Storage – Clean and seasoned griddles can be stored anywhere where there is low moisture in the air. You can place a paper towel on it while saving to ensure the protection against moisture. It also ensures that the surface does not get scratched if you are stacking the griddle.


  1. Do not leave any acidic food for too long on your cast iron griddle. Though it is ok to cook them or any other kind of food on it. There are a lot of myths regarding these foods and cast iron cookware, but rest assured you can cook them all you want on your griddle.
  2. Use low or medium heat for cooking on a cast iron griddle.
  3. Clean the griddle or grill right away after cooking.

Pick any griddle from our list above and enjoy cooking on this all-time favorite cookware.