Best Propane Gas Smoker Reviews – Choose One!

Why get a propane gas smoker?

Best Propane Gas Smoker will take your barbecue to the next level this summer with a new addition to your backyard. Pork, beef, poultry, and fish take on a whole fresh taste when exposed to smoke. The portable, cutting-edge smokers on this list will give your meat and vegetables that wood-fired flavor that you can’t get from a regular grill, indoor oven, or digital smoker.

Propane Gas Smoker Reviews

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Masterbuilt 20050614 Propane Smoker, 44-Inch, Black

Masterbuilt 20050614 Propane Smoker, 44-Inch, Black
160 Reviews
Masterbuilt 20050614 Propane Smoker, 44-Inch, Black
  • Extra-large capacity with 2,000 sq. in. of cooking space on four chrome smoking racks
  • Dual-door design with viewing window and thermostat in top door
  • Two 8,250 BTU stainless steel burners with push-button ignition
  • Porcelain-coated wood chip tray and water pan
  • Type 1 regulator and hose

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  • Customers largely agreed that the Masterbuilt 2-Door is overall a sturdy, functional smoker. They liked the quality design and construction of this model, especially because of its double-doors. It allows for more heat to stay in the smoker while the cook opens the door to check the meat because of the way the doors move the air.
  • Also, many reviewers were novice smokers and said that they would recommend this product to other first-time smokers.


  • The main concern reviewers had with this unit involved temperature control. The Masterbuilt was reported to have trouble maintaining low temperatures at or below 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This could be a problem for owners who want to smoke smaller pieces of meat, such as chicken breast.

Dyna-Glo 36” Vertical LP Smoker

Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 36' Vertical LP Gas Smoker
655 Reviews
Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 36" Vertical LP Gas Smoker
  • A total of 784-square inch of cooking space for smoked flavored foods. 4 adjustable steel wire racks
  • A 15,000 btu cast iron burner with an electronic push button ignition, and a large control dial
  • Porcelain enameled steel wood chip box with handles and lid for choice of wood chips and porcelain enameled steel water bowl
  • An easy to use double-door design (upper/lower) for greater heating/smoking, cooking control, sliding air dampers on top and sides for the choice of smoked/cooking heat control options, and a nice decorative temperature gauge with decor ring
  • Csa certified. warranty 1 year limited. assembly dimensions length 27-inch by depth 19.20-inch by height 46.46-inch weight 54 lbs

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  • Like the Masterbuilt 2-Door, the Dyna-Glo smoker was found by customers to be a sturdy unit that is good for beginners as well as those cooking for many people. Many found this unit’s design to be intuitive, from vent placement to location of the gas main.
  • Also, customer service for this product was responsive and quick when customers had questions.


  • Most customer complaints about this model involved the interior of the Dyna-Glo. The inside does not come with any hooks for hanging larger cuts of meat. It only has two racks. Also, some owners disliked the construction of the interior burners and would have preferred cast-iron ones instead.


Smoke Hollow 38-inch

Smoke Hollow 38202G Propane Gas Smoker by Masterbuilt, 2-Door, 38'
237 Reviews
Smoke Hollow 38202G Propane Gas Smoker by Masterbuilt, 2-Door, 38"
  • 3. 4 Cubic Feet Cabinet Cooking Capacity
  • 4-Chrome Plated Cooking Grids with Multiple Adjustment Levels
  • Sausage hanger included
  • Fuel type: LP gas output at 20, 000 BTUs
  • Push-button ignition system

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  • It is the largest-sized smoker on this list. Owners loved the large smoke chamber, which was found to be great for large cuts of meat such as brisket. One happy customer found the adjustable interior racks allowed them to cook several racks of ribs at a time.
  • Also, this product was deemed fuel-efficient by reviewers. Some found that it didn’t use as much propane gas as they expected.
  • Overall, this model is best for serious buyers with many mouths to feed.


  • A handful of customers warned future buyers about potentially faulty door latches, which allowed too much smoke to escape the main chamber. Some requested replacements for this reason.
  • Additionally, since this unit is so large, a few owners found that it had difficulty maintaining temperatures above 225 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods.

Char-Broil Vertical Gas Smoker

Char-Broil Vertical Liquid Propane Gas Smoker
134 Reviews
Char-Broil Vertical Liquid Propane Gas Smoker
  • 595 square inch cooking surface with 3 chrome-plated cooking grates
  • 7,566 cubic inches of cooking space
  • Warming rack on top of smoker chamber
  • Gas feature allows consistent heat for better smoke experience
  • Porcelain wood chip and water pan

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  • Many owners liked the steamy, flavorful meat. The Char-Broil unit makes with the help of its water tray. There were no major complaints about the functionality of this smoker.
  • Also, reviewers were pleased with the customer service for this product. Responses from representatives were timely and helpful when needed.


  • The main flaw of this model is its exterior. The easy-to-dent construction of the outside of the seemed sub-par to some. Other customers felt that the welding on the base was not sturdy enough, particularly on the feet and the water tray.

Smoke Hollow 30 Inch Propane Gas Smoker

Smoke Hollow 30164G  30-Inch Propane Gas Smoker
127 Reviews
Smoke Hollow 30164G 30-Inch Propane Gas Smoker
  • Stainless Steel tube burner-10, 000 BTU's
  • Three removable chrome plated cooking grids with variable grid levels
  • Cool-touch, spring wire door handle with "sure-lock" latch
  • Temperature gauge on front door
  • Push-button ignition system

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  • This Smoke Hollow model pleased newbies and longtime smokers alike. From the biggest beef brisket to a single chicken, this one does it all and does it well, according to owners.
    Many liked the design of the water pan and wood tray. These were generally easy to replace and to clean when necessary. Reviewers liked the size of the wood pan because it allowed plenty of room for the flavorful chips needed for smoking.


  • Unlike the other Smoke Hollow model on this list, this unit only has one door. Some owners would prefer the two-door model to retain heat better.
    Also, this model tends to have minor dents, bends, or chips upon arrival, but not usually anything that will inhibit use.

Camp Chef Smoker 18-inch


  • The least expensive smoker on this list, customers believed this Camp Chef smoker is a good value. Some assembly is required, but reviewers found it minimal and simple, with clear instructions. This model overall seemed reliable, easy to use, and spacious enough for larger meats like prime rib.


  • The common thread in negative reviews was that this unit’s thermometer is inaccurate to the degree that could hurt the user’s cooking. Several customers suggested purchasing a wireless thermometer separately, (which adds to the total cost of this product).


For an old-school wood-fired flavor, a propane smoker is better than even an electric one because of the positive traits mentioned above. Whether you’ve never smoked meat before or you’re a barbecue veteran, there is a smoker on this list for you. Your neighbors will envy you, and your dinner guests will thank you.

Who Need Best Propane Gas Smokers?

Best propane gas smoker – pick your one correctly. Some people consider it slow, struggling over the grill for preparing their meat, ensuring to turn it once in a while. I think that everybody has obtained sidetracked in the process of grilling, forced to take care of another thing, just to go back to charred BBQ that is hardly well-known.

Propane gas smokers are interested because they are simple to utilize. All you must do is to place your wood chips, set the food preparation warmth as well as a timer, throw your meats in the smoker, then permit it to prepare the meal!

“Set It and also Neglect It” Attribute

You are trying to find a much less engaged grilling practice while still obtaining that authentic BBQ preference that most of us like! With the most active propane gas smoker out there, there is little upkeep that requires to be done. You must do established the temperature level, set your timer and put your foods. The smoker cares for the remainder!

Wood Smoke Taste

Another advantage of buying the very best gas smoker is that food does not need too much time to prepare. Indeed, it relies on what type of meat you are grilling, even if a smoking session with the very best propane gas smoker will not last more than some hours.

Selecting the Best Propane Gas Smoker

When you decided that propane gas smoker is what you are looking for, the next action is establishing which one you desire. I am sure that every person wishes to get the most for what they pay. You will locate some cheap best propane gas smokers. It is ideal for understanding your requirements when you are out shopping.

The most crucial features to take into consideration when you are buying a brand-new propane gas smoker are:

The Heater

Recognize what kind of fuel you will certainly intend to use for your best propane gas smoker in advance. One more factor to examine when it involves the heater is its dimension proportionate to the closet of the smoker for also home heating. You likewise intend to make sure that the heater is not even presented to outdoors forces.


You desire a well-constructed smoker that will decrease down the smoke as well as an oil leak. Ensure the closet studies and also maintains the warm, smoke, as well as moisture because these three variables are the ingredients for incredible BARBEQUE!


You will find cheap or pricey items, that will undoubtedly share some of the very same attributes. Our evaluations are beneficial: they weed through the sales factors producers intend to get across and more provide genuine comments on the item.

The Size

The size of your smoker identifies what you can prepare. If you like to do it huge, you want to use a large smoker with adjustable racks. If you primarily grill hamburgers, after that grilling location may not be as essential.

Easy to Clean

When you are buying the best propane gas smoker according to your requirements, you want to ensure that it is straightforward to clean. Check for functions like removable racks and an oil frying pan. Specific cooking shelves are additionally non-stick as well as dishwasher-safe.

Final Thoughts about Gas Smoker

It was agreeable evaluating some of the impressive gas smokers. Soon, you must pick which smoker is the best one for your needs.
The purpose of knowing is to understand which smoker to purchase (the kind of smoker, the brand).

There are a lot of stores that sell smokers. Yet, my suggestion is to obtain your best propane gas smoker online. You will investigate and observe what others who have already used the smoker say about it.

Choose a smoker, invite your relatives and friends, and get smoking.