Best For Sale Offset Smoker – Top Rated Reviews (2020)

Fabrication and materials technologies are becoming more advanced with each passing year, and the changes can be seen in most products that we use regularly. If you like cooking and experimenting with smoked food, then you’ll be pleased to discover that the food industry has started coming up with new equipment that can help you create the perfect dish. In this study, we have got a closer glimpse at some of the best offset smoker models that are available on the market.

We have gone through hundreds of models and have selected the best offset smokers that money can buy, to put them head to head and see which offset smoker deserve their popularity and which offset smoker don’t. We have chosen to place the Z Grills ZPG-450A 2019 because, although the model came out last year, it is still our Editor’s Choice. We loved the Electric Feed system because it is easy to use, and it can save you a world of trouble by automatically keeping the temperature constant. However, the offset smoker has much more to offer. You can read the details below.

To determine which are the best offset smokers around, we have analyzed several essential characteristics of the offset smokers that are currently commercially available, starting with the cooking surface that they offer, to the materials used in manufacturing their shell and the durability of the paint. Our team has also prioritized the offset smokers that are the easiest to use, to ensure that the models are as easy to use by inexperienced amateurs, as they are by professional chefs.

What Is The Best Offset Smoker On The Market?

#1. Best Electric Feed Model – Z Grills ZPG-450A 2019 Grill & Smoker

The ZPG-450A may be a somewhat old design. However, it remains one of the best offset smokers that money can buy. From a functional point of view, the model can be used either as a grill or as a smoker and has multiple electric systems that make cooking food less tedious.

We loved the fact that you can use the electric ignition system automatically light the fuel, after which the feeder system will automatically add more pellets to the fire to maintain the user-set temperature. Furthermore, an electric convection fan will ensure that the heat and the smoke are evenly distributed across the cooking area.

The model also 450 square inches of cooking space and a foldable working shelf that is large enough to place plates or cooking utensils on. It is also worth mentioning that the entire model is made from heavy-duty stainless steel and has large all-terrain wheels that do not sink when you drag the grill through the mud.


  • Large cooking area – The model can bake, roast, and smoke;
  • Convection fan – The heat and smoke are evenly distributed;
  • Auto-feed system – No longer worry about refueling;


#2. Best Entry-level Model – Royal Gourmet CC1830S BBQ Charcoal Grill

The CC1830S is designed for individuals who need to cook a lot of food at the same time. It is one of the most significant models on the market, in terms of capacity, and it can be used as a grill, making it great for house parties. One of the things that we liked most about this one is the fact that it offers a total of 800 square inches of cooking space and that the cooking grates are coated with porcelain, making them simple to clean.

We also loved the fact that the paint that is used for the interior and the exterior of the model can withstand a maximum temperature of 400 degrees, which is great because you nevermore have to worry that it will flake off and fall on the food. On the topic of warmth, it is worth mentioning that the handles on both the firebox and the main cooking chamber are scald-proof, so you don’t have to wear gloves when opening the lids.

As far ar additional features are concerned, the CC1830S doesn’t have a lot to show. It only comes with an essential thermometer that allows you to keep an eye on the temperature in the firebox, and an air vent that is placed on the side. Furthermore, as a quality-of-life feature, the firebox has an ash pan that can be removed in only a few seconds.


  • Large – The charcoal smoker model can cook food for the entire family;
  • This charcoal model Porcelain-coated grates – The grates are easy to clean;
  • The charcoal model Affordable – The price is low for the model’s size;


  • This charcoal model Barebones – The charcoal smoker model only comes with necessary features;

#3. Best Wide Body Model – Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Offset Charcoal Smoker

The Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC combines the best of both worlds. It offers the efficiency of a vertical smoker, combined with the ease of use of an offset model. We found that a total of 1890 square inches of cooking space is perfect for professional use or for individuals who like to experiment with different smoking combinations of vegetables and meat. The ample square inches space is an excellent advantage! The spacious square inches space allow you to put more burgers and meat or whatever you are cooking buy passing the smoke of charcoal through the food. The ample square inches space helps in making the cooking more flexible.

Fuel can be added to the firebox that is attached to the side of the smoking chamber, and we loved that firebox because you can use anything from pellets to charcoal and scrap pieces of timber that you may have lying around. All the ash will be collected in a pan that you can remove and empty in a few seconds. We also liked the fact that the manufacturer has included a charcoal grate that will ensure that unburned space of fuel won’t fall onto your hands when opening the door to the firebox.

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The biggest downside with this charcoal grill is the fact that it does not have any kind of rollers, which means that you will have to pick it up and carry its entire weight if you ever need to move it around the yard.


  • Extra-large – The charcoal smoker model is great for professional smokers;
  • Heavy-duty – The charcoal smoker model is made from heavy-duty steel;
  • Well-designed – The charcoal smoker model has six grates and four meat hooks;


  • No rollers – Moving it requires picking up the entire smoke;

#4. Best Model for Occasional Use – Char-Broil 18202078 Offset Smoker

The Char-Broil 18202078 Offset Smoker may not be the most significant smoker on the market, but it is durable and more affordable than other similar models. It still offers a total cooking space of 477 square inches of cooking space and a side shelf that can be used to hold plates or cooking utensils. The large square inches space helps you to cook in ample space to be flexible. The large square inches space also gives you the ability to cook more food with and excess amount bypassing the smoke through the menu to provide a good taste.

We liked the fact that the grates are coated with porcelain because this not only makes them easier to clean but also prevents the meat from sticking. Design-wise, the model has large all-terrain wheels, which are great if you want to be able to move it in and out of storage often.

Overall, the smoker is exceptionally light, which makes it the right choice if you want to use it on occasion or need one that can be easily moved around the yard.


  • Accurate thermometer – The lid-mounted thermometer is exact;
  • Large wheels – The smoker can be dragged through mud, puddles, and grass;
  • Porcelain-coated grates – The grates are non-stick and easy to clean;


  • Not steel – The smoker is made from thin metal sheets;

#5. Best for Limited Budgets – Royal Gourmet CC1830F Charcoal Grill

The Royal Gourmet CC1830F model is one of the most affordable smoker-grill products on the market. There is a bit of assembly required to get it in working condition. However, the process only takes a few minutes, and everything that you need, including detailed instructions, is included in the package.

This having been said, once assembled, it is one of the best smoker models in its price range. The build quality is solid, and the durable wheels can be used on any type of surface. Furthermore, the product comes with a large steel mesh front table and a bottom shelf that can be used as additional storage space for tools, fuel and cooking utensils.

Two of our favorite features are the two handles that are designed to remain cool while using the smoker and the porcelain-coated cooking grates, which are not often seen on budget models. Lastly, the smoker has a 5 lbs coal pan, which is great because you do not have to worry about refueling every hour.


  • Highly affordable – The smoker is great for any budget;
  • Sturdy – The smoker won’t wobble while you move it;
  • Quality paint – The paint will not flake over time;


  • Curring – The paint must be curred before using the smoker;

#6. Best for Beginners – Royal Gourmet BBQ Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker, 30” L


The CC1830FN from Royal Gourmet is primarily designed for individuals who have never attempted to smoke food before. This having been said, the model comes with all the features that you would expect from a basic, durable smoker, but it does not have the advanced electrical systems that would overcomplicate the cooking process.

We loved the fact that despite the low price of the model, it still offers 800 square inches of cooking space, which is enough for significant cuts of meat and vegetables. Furthermore, both handles have a spring design, which keeps them cool to the touch at all times, and the paint on the burn box is designed to not flake over time.

Another feature that attracted our attention is the fact that the hinges and doors are exceptionally well built. They do not wobble, and they feel solid, even when the metal expands slightly due to the increased heat.


  • Beginner-ready – Easy to assemble and use;
  • Durable – The construction feels solid, and the paint won’t flake;
  • Spring handles – The handles remain cool at all times;


  • Trap door – A trap door on the firebox would have been useful;

Buying Guide – How to choose the best offset smoker on the market

The sheer number of available offset smokers models on the market can make it challenging to figure out which offset smoker best suits your cooking style. Here are the main things that you have to keep in your mind when looking to buy a new offset smoker:

Look at the build quality and the materials that are used to make the offset smoker

An offset smoker is only as useful as long as it remains in one piece, and it does its job well. Look for models that are made from heavy-duty materials. Also, make sure you stay updated with the best pellet grill. These may be heavier than other products, but they will better withstand the heat of barbecuing and smoking. A bbq with smoker offset smoker made from thick, heavy metal will bleed less heat than other models, making offset smokers both. It is more efficient, more comfortable to keep in one place without having to worry that the items nearby will soak up the radiating heat.

It is also where you should look at the hinges. These should not only be smooth and easy to use but also not break the seal. Pay attention to the straps on the offset smoker, as well as to those on the barbecue itself. Heat and smoke move around both chambers, which means that the entire main cooking area will be affected by a bad seal.

Depending on your cooking style, a heavy metal barbecue will also help you save fuel because the entire structure will remain hot for more extended periods.

Lastly, place your hands on the handles and make sure that they do not wiggle. Even if they only have a little room to wiggle, the bolts will expand and contract as you use the offset smoker who may cause the handle to detach or to move so much that it will be difficult to open and close the lid safely.

Pay attention to the kind of paint that is used for both the exterior as well as the interior of offset smokers

The type of color that is used for smokers bbq models is not only for decoration. It must also make the surfaces easy to clean and protect the entire product from corrosion For the offset smoker. However, the most important thing to look for when it comes to the paint is that it doesn’t flake.

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Poor-quality paint can flake off, which may leave the exterior of the offset smokers and barbecue exposed to the elements. Besides offset smokers, you might be interested in what’s the best electric smoker on the market. The paint that is used to coat the cooking chamber may also flake off, which can be extremely dangerous because there is a chance that the fragments will end up in the food that you are preparing.

Look for an offset smoker that is coated using quality paint that can expand and contract as the metal heats and cools. These will last longer as a result of the fact that the color will stay on the offset smoker, but most important, It is the only offset smoker that is safe to use without having to scrape off all the interior paint.

Best smoker – Check out the ventilation system and the insulation

The ventilation system of an offset smoker is the main component that allows you to decide how you want the food to turn out. This system can enable you to accurately control the amount of heat that the food is getting by controlling the airflow within the offset smoker.

Oxygen is required for fire, and the more air that you allow passing through the offset smoker bbq, the bigger the light will get. It will increase the temperature and make the food cook faster. When it comes to smoking, the most important thing is to keep the heat constant throughout the entire cooking process. Having a ventilation system that is easy to use can make things a lot easier.

When it comes to ventilation, also look at the internal vents of offset smoker that allow energy and smoke to cover from the firebox to the offset smoker. It will ensure that they are the heat and smoke are adequately transferred from one cooking chamber to another. Keep in mind that hot air flows up, which means that, to be efficient, you need to get an offset smoker that has the vents placed as low as possible. The higher they are, the more air will be sucked out from around the meat that you want to cook.

When it comes to insulation, there isn’t much to say. Look for a grill and offset smoker model that has all openings sealed. Also, here’s the best smoker grill combo you can get. It means that the lids on the firebox and the smoker must be well insulated, as well as the hinges and any other opportunities that the grill may have. A grill with a well-insulated offset smoker will retain heat more efficiently; it will keep the temperature constant, and will also use less fuel than other models.

Smoker reviews – Look for models that have durable rollers and a lot of storage spaces

Portability is a big concern when it comes to extensive cooking and offset barbeque smoker. Pretty much any quality model that you choose will have a lot of weight to it, which means that offset smoker’s wheels will need to be durable enough to hold the entire weight of the offset smoker.

If you do not have a paved space to keep the grill, you should look for an offset smoker with wide rollers that are less likely to sink into the mud. Furthermore, having larger wheels will make the barbecue easy to move because it will be easier to keep the offset smoker balanced.

Other than quality rollers, you should also look for a model that has enough storage spaces to keep all of your tools. Propane vs electric smoker. What’s the better choice? Most products only have a metal shelf under the cooking chamber, but some models have hooks to hang your cooking utensils and additional surfaces that are large enough to hold plates and baskets.

Decide what other features you want the offset smoker to have

Newer offset smoker grills have additional features that can help you cook your food to perfection. We recommend that you look for models that have a reverse flow offset, which will allow the hot air and smoke to travel more easily from the main cooking area to the smoking one. A reverse flow offset smoker can usually cut the smoking time in half when compared to a regular model. Reverse flow offset smoker is one of the best choices!

Depending on how involved you want to be in the cooking process, you may also want to look for a product that has an electric feed system that can automatically control the amount of heat and smoke that the food is getting. Most grills that come with this system are very hands-off, enabling you to focus on entertaining guests or spending time with your family.

This is having been said, keep in mind that some features, such as this one will mean that you have to plug the grill into a wall socket. You may use the products while powered off, but you won’t get the ability to use systems like the electric feed.

A bargain offset smoker for sale is not necessarily useful

Most individuals who are on a budget tend to only look for bargains to choose from. The offset smoker market is full of low-grade models that often cost under 80 dollars and are marketed as being great for occasional use. Most of these are poorly built and cannot retain heat and smoke properly, which may make preparing food complicated.

We won’t say that you shouldn’t buy one of these products, but we also cannot recommend them. Manufacturers need to cut corners to lower the prices of their bbq smoker models, which means that they may have bad seals, poorly built hinges, and limited or no temperature controls. In some cases, bargain smoker models might even put your health in danger, because the paint that is used to coat their interior can flake and fall onto the food that you are preparing.

Generally speaking, it is better to spend a bit more and get a smoker that it is safe to use for extended periods than to get the cheapest one that you can find and risk having to replace it every couple of months.

All the products that we have included below are not only due to how easy they are to use and their features, but also as a result of their high durability. Go through the list, after reading our buying guide, and choose the product that works best for you. Whether you’re more interested in cooking space than in heat and smoke control, or the other way around, treat the offset smoker as an investment. It is easier to pay a bit more and get a product that will be useful in the long run than having to obtain another model when it starts breaking down.

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Stick burner smoker – FAQ Section

What is the best offset smoker?

Finding the best smoker is mostly a matter of establishing what you need from the smokers. Think about what kind of smoking you are interested in and set a budget. There is no use to getting highly advanced smokers, or wide-body smokers if you are a beginner and have never used smokers before. There are various types of offset smoker grills. We tried charcoal smokers too and they are amazing! You should take a look at our review!

It may be an electrical or charcoal grill. In the Charcoal grill, the charcoal is placed under square inches of cooking space. The smoke passes through the food on the square inches of cooking space. Then smoke with the heat of charcoal gives food a good taste.

This having been said, if you want to get a smoker bbq that you will never need to replace or upgrade, then you may want to go for smokers that offer as many large square inches cooking space as possible.

Are offset smokers better?

Offset smokers offer several advantages when compared to regular smokers. First of all, Smokers enable you to grill food and smoke it at the same time. This will help you conserve time and fuel, making an offset smoker great for house parties where you also need to focus on entertaining guests.

Most offset smokers also offer a larger cooking area square inches space, they can be refueled without having to interrupt the smoking process, and they also double as a grill. It is also worth mentioning that smokers come with rollers that make them easy to move around the yard.

Overall, offset smokers are better if you need to prepare significant cuts of meat and want to invest in a model that can also double as a grill. From a functional point of view, offset models are easier to use than vertical ones. However, smokers are not designed for intensive use. If you want or need to smoke or heat food on a daily basis, then a vertical smoker may be more useful.

How does an offset smoker work?

Offset smokers are composed of two chambers that are linked together through one or more vents. The wood that you want to burn or coal goes in the smaller cooking area that is attached to the side and the food that you want to smoke is placed in the larger cooking chamber as it must have large cooking grates and a sizeable main cooking area by large square inches of cooking space!

By opening or closing the outer air vent, you can control the airflow inside the smoker. As you open the vent, more air will enter the side chamber, and the fire will burn hotter, exposing the food to higher temperatures. Hey, take a look at the best smoker for beginners too!

If, however, you want only to smoke the meat, you may close the vents as much as possible so that they only allow enough air to pass by to keep the fire from going out altogether. Most offset smokers can also be used as barbecues, by changing the grate on the firebox.

Is a reverse flow smoker better?

Yes, having a reverse flow smoker does have multiple advantages. From a design perspective of reverse flow smoker, these models of reverse flow smokers have a single additional steel plate that is positioned under the meat space. This having been said, this plate redirects the smoke and heat, so that the meat gets cooked faster. Reverse flow smoker helps in restoring the heat, electricity or charcoal consumed. As it has wide square inches of cooking and wide cooking grates.

Furthermore, this additional element blocks the direct heat that comes from the firebox and acts as a heat sink that allows the temperature to be dispersed evenly across the entire chamber. In some Reverse flow smoker, this plate space also doubles as a grease or water plate. Lastly, it is easier for a reverse flow smoker to return to the regular cooking temperature after opening the lid to check the meat, and they can protect the food from heat spikes that usually appear when you add more fuel to the firebox. A reverse flow smoker is one of the best smokers as it has a wide space of square inches.

How do you season an offset smoker?

Most offset smokers need to be seasoned to increase their durability and prevent the paint from flaking and falling on the food. The seasoning process is somewhat similar to the one that is used for cast iron pans and pots. First, you need a bucket of soapy water and a piece of clean cloth. Disassemble the smoker and clean each part individually. After that is done, rinse thoroughly and let it dry for a couple of minutes.

Once the smoker is dry, fill a sprayer with olive oil and spray it every painted surface that you can reach. Use another piece of cloth to spread the oil evenly so that a thin film covers the entire smoker. Finally, reassemble it, put some charcoal in the smoker as you normally would, light it up, and let it burn as if you were cooking food.

Offset smoker grill – Conclusion

Finding the best offset smoker can be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t owned one before. There are a lot of models and most have different designs and features that cater to different types of people. We consider that our editor’s choice, the ZPG-450A is the best smoker all-round because it is built from heavy-duty materials, it offers a lot of cooking space when compared to other smokers and it has great electronic features.

Cooking with it requires a hands-off approach, which is great for individuals who do not have a lot of time, and it can be used by professional food smokers as well as by beginners. You have to choose a smoker with a great firebox which produces a high amount of smoke. This smoke is an essential factor for food to be cooked. firebox helps in producing this amount of smoke to pass through the food. Choose a smoker with a large firebox and which produces a great amount of smoke!

If, however, you want a more basic smoker that does not have to be plugged into an outlet, then we suggest you consider the CC1830S from Royal Gourmet. The model is well-built, it offers 800 square inches of cooking space, and the handles are designed to never get hot. You have to choose a smoker with a wider firebox because the firebox produces the smoke which cooks the food, so the firebox must be large enough. Just keep in mind that a large firebox gives you well-cooked food!

Lastly, if you’re on a budget, then your best option may be the Royal Gourmet CC1830F, which is one of the most affordable smokers on the market. Despite its low price, the model still comes with an accurate heat gauge, a durable coat of paint that will not flake once curred, and a large steel mesh front table that can be used to hold plates.