Best For Sale Flat Top Grill For Outdoor-Built in Griddle and Propane Reviews2020

One very most important step in cooking is to get a tool that works best for you. With it, one can choose the variety of food that they can prepare and bring the best out of it. To understand this, we decided to get deeper into research and test different kinds of grill flat tops to help you make the right choice in the purchasing after considering several factors that are of importance to the industry.

We spent several days of in-depth research and consultations just for you because we know how bad it can be when you do not get a product that does not serve you directly at the end of the day despite the time and money you may have spent on it.

We analyzed different sources and company reviews and came up with 9 different flat tops grills. We compared them based on various factors just to bring you the right and relevant information. We know that you may not have the experience, and that is why we have summarized what could have been written in many books and put it in fewer words. This is to help you make the right choice before making an order for grills to purchase.

What is the best flat top grill?

#1.Best Restaurant Grade: Blackstone 28-inch Flat Top Gas Grill


  • Burners: 2
  • Weight: 75 pounds
  • Dimensions: 44.5 *19.5 *33.5 Inches

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

This restaurant-grade Blackstone 28-inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill is one of Blackstone’s most professionally made grill. The idea behind it is trying to show the world that it is possible to hold outdoor meetings with a large group of people and yet be able to cook. The large surface for cooking is strategically manufactured to ensure that this is made possible. Having many items to be cooked at a go should not worry you because this Flat Top gas grill got you covered.

The weight of this outdoor flat top gas grill is only 72 pounds. It is unique as it is portable easily. Comparing the size of a crowd it can serve and the weight it has, we can comfortably say that the manufacturer has catered for outdoor activity. Once disassembled, the top gas grill can be packed in a truck with other items still on board.

Having two effective burners on the top makes this top gas grill even more desirable. The manufacturer has ensured that the spread of heat is also all over the expansive cooking surface. The burners are efficient in what they are designed to do, therefore meaning the trust of cooks. It heats fast enough to see to it that the items placed on top cook efficiently.

This outdoor flat top gas grill is perfectly designed to cook various food choices, making it a unique outdoor flat top gas grill. It is also because it has the adjustable burners that can be regulated to cook just the best for you in the house or for a picnic.


  • Can be used for professional services rendering
  • Easily portable
  • Large cooking surface


  • Complicated for beginners

#2.Best Single Burner: Blackstone Table Top Grill – 17 Inch


  • Burner: 1
  • Cooking area surface size: 260 square inches
  • Weight: 21 pounds

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

The Blackstone, a reputable company, have manufactured Blackstone 17 Inch outdoor Table Top Grill. With it, you can thwart your fears confidently even when you are planning for a day or night out in the woods. This tabletop grill offers a large cooking surface for multiple items to be cooked at a go. When you have many visitors, you may not have to worry anymore.

Besides, the manufacturer has considered the fact that not many people love to do dishes. The flawless design and easy to clean steel are part of this Blackstone Table Top Grill, making it only a wipe away from being clean. Also, looking at it, it saves space when storing it. In the right place, one can put it upside down.

The table flat top gas grill can be carried by hand as it weighs only twenty-one pounds, a good deal for a cooking tool. The 260 square inches of the cooking surface is large enough to accommodate many cooking items. Having this on board can help you avert your worries as it heats very fast. The H-shaped burner heats the pan so quickly, showing its efficiency. If you like cooking fast to save on time, this might be the solution you have been looking for.


  • Very easy to store
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Fast heating as well as even heating


  • Somehow rough surface

#3.Best Combo: Blackstone 1819 Charcoal and Griddle


  • Dimensions: 50.5 *21.2*35.8 Inches
  • Weight:82 pounds

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Blackstone company is one of the most reputable enterprises that has stood the test of time and is known for meeting their clients’ needs by coming up with designs that change the outlook on things. This time, they surprise their loyal customers with a charcoal and gas top griddle combo to aid in their cooking. For those lovers of different food tastes and varieties, this might be the best flat top grill for you.

The grill comes with a separate surface to cook using gas fuel and a distinct surface heated by charcoal. It means that you can grill your meat while churning your burgers on the other side. With this variety, your worries about wasting time might be curbed significantly.

Keen details have been infused in this combo in that the longevity and durability are catered for. The materials used here are heavy duty quality materials that can withstand the test of time and harsh conditions. The ignition system is built with powdered coated stainless steel on the side of the burner. On the cooking surface, the manufacturer has used solid cold steel burner just for you to be at ease.

As if this is not enough, this unique Blackstone top grill has ensured that its transportation is well catered for. If you are looking for easiness in transporting your top griddle and grill because you are a camper or love traveling, this might be the solution for you. It is fitted with two wheels and two metal stands to help you move it around. They have also made this grills cooking area surface sufficient to help you prepare many items at a go without strain. It can help you save a lot of time.


  • Easily portable
  • Easily cleaned
  • Has two cooking options
  • Have stainless steel burners


  • Hard to operate for a beginner

#4.Best Portable Flat Top Grill: Royal Gourmet Portable PD1300


  • Burners: 3
  • Dimension: 25.2 *18 *9.5 Inches
  • Weight: 30 pounds

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Royal Gourmet is a trusted company that has been known over the years as one that has the keen interests of their clients at the heart of the company. The Portable PD1300 comes with three efficient independently controlled burners that serve a wide range of purposes. They ensure that the flat top is well and distributed at the heat zones, having been strategically positioned. It works towards ensuring that food preparations are efficient. If you have been looking for that griddle that spreads heat evenly on the surface of the pan, we believe that this might be the solution you can try.

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One other advantage of having this griddle top in your possession is because it is portable. Having three independently controlled burners at the top and a professionally designed top only to weigh 20 pounds can only be termed as fabulous. It means that you can be able to carry it with your hands to your car or any other means of transport you may have. This easiness to transport is an added advantage to those people who love being in outdoor activities.

In addition to this, the large cooking surface area in square inches is incredible for this griddle. It allows you to cook many items at a go with ease. This is an advantage to you if you are the kind of a person who hosts many people for a cookout or maybe you love cooking a variety of meals from time to time.


  • Efficient burners
  • Fast heating and efficiency
  • Easy to transport


  • Hard to assemble

#5.Best Universal Griddle: Sizzle-Q SQ180


  • Size: 25″ * 16’D *6.5″
  • Materials: Stainless steel

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This Little Griddle’s product, Sizzle Q, is one of the finest in the market. The flat-top grill has been made flawlessly to see that the cooking experience is an amazing one. This is by the fact that it is made up of stainless steel that does not stick easily. This means that you can be able to cook many items without sticking. Also, it enables you to clean it without strain from time to time as you do the cooking. You can be able just to wipe it and continue with your cooking.

Another advantage is the fact that these top grills can serve dual purposes. It can be used on both a charcoal grill and gas griddle. This combination is unique because the material used here can withstand the heat of burning charcoal and propane gas. If you have been looking for a camp chef flat top grills that can serve these two masters, then we believe that it might be the right one for you. If you have both the charcoal and the gas griddle, you can enjoy different flavors using the same flat top grill.

The lightness of it makes this griddle easily portable for you. You can be able to carry the grill around if you love traveling. It is not as thick as others, yet the efficiency is unmatched. The large cooking surface square inches can be able to accommodate several different items at a go. This can help you save on time and energy when you have different cooking items at the top surface. This ensures that the number of visitors you have is catered for despite the size. This can help you in cooking for a large gathering of people comfortably.


  • Duo purpose
  • Easily cleaned
  • Easy to maintain


  • Shortened warranty

#6.Best Flat Top Grill Working Station: Blackstone 1605 Outdoor 28 Inch


  • Dimensions of the product: 33*21*12.5 Inches
  • Weight:84 pounds
  • Burners: 2 Independently controlled

Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Blackstone 1605 Outdoor 28 Inch is a gas griddle top that can make your cooking life better if used rightly and used when in good condition. Having a large cooking surface area of 448 square inches might mean a lot to you if you love space. With it, you can cook many items at a go without the challenge of space.

With this griddle, you can be assured of cleanliness, which is crucial for food handling. This grill griddle top is designed to have a drip tray to collect the excess oil that comes with grease management cooking. Being built of stainless steel also makes it also easy to clean. It can be as simple as a wipe, and you are good to go to the next round of cooking. This can be a good thing for you if you love camping. You may not have enough time or water to clean once you have used, therefore making it an excellent camping tool.

This Blackstone 1605 Outdoor 28 Inch has 2 independently controlled burners and ignition systems strategically placed to ensure that heat is distributed equally over the top. Having this in mind, you can comfortably be in a position to cook your food in confidence and expect good results. The portability also is of great importance, especially if you plan to be moving around with it from time to time. This is provisioned for because it weighs only 84 pounds, something that can be carried around.


  • It has a large cooking area surface of square inches
  • Have a drip tray for grease management
  • It has two efficient stainless steel burners.
  • It heats up very quickly.


  • It can burn surfaces without the stand

#7.Best Flat Top Grill Accessories: Blackstone Signature Griddle-36 Inch Grill


  • Cooking area surface: 360 square inches
  • Even heating properties

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

This camp chef flat top grill is one of the best that there is in the market. It is a nonstick camp chef flat top grill with a large cooking surface of square inches that can hold many items at a go. If you are looking for that camp chef flat top grill with nonstick properties and can be used to prepare food for a large number of people. This one might be what you have been looking for.

The flat top gas grill is well and professionally designed for its users. With properties that make heat infused and distributed equally, it is essential in the cooking business as you are assured that you can cook your food without burning it up confidently.

The fact that this flat top gas grill can be carried around makes it suitable for travelers. If you love traveling from time to time to cookout destinations, this might be the solution for you. This grill top can fit over a gas griddle that has three controlled burners. It is designed to heat by strategically placed burners and an ignition system that makes it easy to burn at the heat zones.

For beginners, this Top gas grill griddle is easy to install. Following the instruction manual, one can assemble and install it step after step at much ease. If you are a beginner, the possibility of getting this to work for you is very high. Starting by installing this can raise your confidence, therefore, helping you feel capable of installing bigger appliances. In addition to this, the flat top grills are easy to clean as they are made of nonstick stainless steel that just requires a simple cleaning in the intervals of food cooking.


  • It is easy to clean
  • Have heavy duty stainless steel burners
  • It has properties for easy heat distribution.
  • It is easy to install


  • Short time warranty

#8.Best 3 Burners Flat Top Grill: Tacklife 23 Inch Gas Griddle


  • Burners: 3
  • Cooking Surface area: 355 Square Inches
  • Main Materials: heavy duty Stainless Steel
  • Grease cup
  • Weight:29.7 lbs

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This Tacklife, flat top gas grill griddle is one of the best products in the market. Looking at the reviews of other users, we discovered that it has a large cooking surface of square inches that can accommodate over twelve burgers for churning. This can be used to prepare such meals for a large group of people without much strain. If you are looking for this advantage of space, then maybe you should try this one.

This gas grill griddle is also well designed and fitted with 3 pentagon burners that are well-placed side by side on each other. It plays an important role in the grill griddle in distributing heat evenly and increasing the efficiency of the same. Having the pentagon burners and the ignition system makes it fast to heat the plate on top in preparation for cooking.

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In addition to this, the gas grill griddle is made of a brightly shining stainless steel material that is easy to clean. It is also fitted with a grease cup for grease management to collect the excess oil and grease that drips during cooking, which serves it right. Making work more comfortable for you by fitting all the above requirements clearly indicates that the manufacturer is keen to details that many may miss. One more advantage we observed is that it can be easily be transported from one place to another. This is made feasible because the top flat griddle can be assembled and disassembled within a short period.


  • It is easy to heat and maintain efficiency over a long period.
  • It is easily cleaned
  • It has inbuilt grease management cup for grease collection
  • It is easy to maintain


  • Food can stick easily

#9.Best Outdoor Flat Top Grill: QOMOTOP Tabletop Propane Gas Grill, 23 Inch Outdoor Griddle with 3 Burners


  • Burners: 3
  • Cooking are Dimensions: 22.83″ * 15.55″
  • Cooking pan thickness: 3mm
  • Grease cup
  • Weight: 29.7 lbs
  • Size: 23″ L x 22″ W x 9″ H

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

QOMOTOP Tabletop Propane Gas Grill, 23 Inch is a flat grill top that can be the solution for you. Maybe you are in the market and are looking for a flat top gas grill top that is easy to assemble, disassemble, carry around, and cleanup. Well, this might be the right top for you. Weighing 29.7 lbs. Only, it possible to move around with it for nice family cookouts or picnics. The easiness to assemble and dissemble, which is done within minutes, is incredible. Through one ignition system, it is possible to grill many meals efficiently.

The flat-top grill is well designed just for you. Are you a person who loves utensils that can be cleaned easily? Well, this might be what you have been looking for. The heavy-duty stainless steel burners made from luminescent materials can show any dirt particles for easy cleanup. There lie removable grease cups for grease management that help to collect oil and grease while cooking on the sides of it.

With an area of 335 square inches cooking area surface, you can be able to grill many items at a go. If there are many mouths to feed at your home, or maybe when you are out for a cookout, we believe that this camp chef flat top grill might be what you have need. The three burners and ignition system installed for you helped distribute heat evenly and make the cooking activity easier. Furthermore, energy efficiency is taken care of by the 3mm thickness of the stylish top. Heat can be absorbed easily by the top to cook food placed on it within no time.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to heat
  • Has grease management cup for grease collection
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Not large enough for big commercial cooking

Buying Guide for the Best Flat Top Grills

Before deciding to make a purchase a camp chef flat top grill, there are different things that you should consider. If you are a novice, you must consider something easy to install and operate. On the other hand, if you are an experienced person in this field, you can consider something that you can operate because maybe you have handled many.

Are you looking for top grills you can use for business? You should look for top grills griddle that can accommodate many items at a go. If you are looking for something that can suit you and your family cooking only, a smaller top grill can help you out. Are you in search of a grill that cooks faster than the rest of the category? It would be important if you choose one that has many burners on top of it. If you are also in the market and are looking for a top grill that is just good enough to do simple cooking, look for a gas griddle top grill with one burner. It may work well for you.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A Flat Grill Top

There are several reasons you should buy a flat grill top for yourself or your business. If you have been looking for that which can help you grill your food better over a short period, maybe it is the right time to purchase it. After doing some research we made a top charcoal grills money can buy. Going through the article from here, we have gathered information from the right sources to help you understand the several things that you need to check out before buying a camp chef flat top grill griddle. They include the following.

Cast iron flat top – The sum of money you are prepared to spend

This key factor has seen many people not successfully buying flat top grills that fit them. Each grill’s price differs from one another being catalyzed by different factors such as the materials used, the number of burners, the size, the durability, and the manufacturers’ interest. All these factors pulled together to bring about the price range that makes a crucial difference.

If you have a smack budget for a grill flat top, look for something that is not complicated, easy to operate. For example, if you are willing to invest a small amount of money, consider buying a product like Blackstone tabletop grill -17 inch. If you are looking for a higher-level kind of a top griddle, you may think of purchasing Blackstone 1605 28 Inch, a full packaged station that costs higher. Also, feel free to check out the countertop grill!

The size of the flat grill top

When out in the market, searching for a grill that can fit your needs perfectly, it is important to understand the size that you need. Different grill tops griddle come with different kinds of sizes. They are so to differentiate their different functions and the places they are supposed to fit in. For example, if the flat top grill griddle is designed for more than one burner, it is larger than that designed for only one.

We tried an infrared tabletop grill as well and it impressed us. The bigger space, the more one can cook many items at a go. If your focus is to cook for many people, maybe as a cookout, you should probably think of a large flat top griddle. If you desire to feed a smaller kind of a group, maybe a family or just a few friends, buying a small top grill may work for you best.

If you are in the market looking for a camp chef flat top grills that are large enough to cook for a large number of people, perhaps, Blackstone Signature griddle would work for you best as it can fit on a 36-inch bottom. If you are looking for a small camp chef flat top griddle comparably, we advise you to purchase the 23 inch outdoor Tacklife gas griddle. It is relatively smaller and has a grease cup for grease collection and serves the same purpose as the bigger one.

Flat top propane grill – The Number of Burners

In the market, you are likely to find all kinds of gas griddles from different manufacturers. Each one of them differs in the number of burners that each one holds. Talking with those who have tested and used these gas griddles, we asked them several questions concerning this. We discovered the more the number of burners a flat top gas grill can be served, the faster it can cook. The lower the number, the slower the cooking. Read our in-depth kamado grill reviews we composed and find more about grills.

In case you are searching for a flat top grill that can cook fast because you serve a big crowd, you should go for one with many burners. For example, if you bought royal gourmet PD!300, it would serve you right in the sense that it would cook faster than a flat top grill such as Blackstone 1605 which has two burners.

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Built in griddles – Portability

Different people buy grills because of different reasons which are best known to them. One of them is portability. Some are in the market looking for an outdoor flat top grill griddle that they can easily carry around. It may be because they are travelers by nature or by duty. Some spend days in camps or even months. Such kind of nature requires some kind of a modification that covers even their way of cooking.

If you are such a person, it would be important for you to consider a flat grill top or a griddle that can be carried easily. For example, purchasing Blackstone 1805 may be a good thing for you as it has two wheels mounted on it. Also, feel free to check out the small bbq grill! By pulling or pushing, one can carry it around in a smooth or rough space irrespective. If you do not have a special need for portability, you should consider buying a stable one.

Top bbq grills – Nature of the cooking you have

If you are in the market looking for a grill that can serve more than one function, we believe that you are in the right place. Maybe you would want to have something that can satisfy the need for both gas and charcoal taste. Probably you may not have a charcoal smoker and a gas griddle top in your home, and you are not willing to spend more by buying them separately. Maybe, the best thing for you to do is to buy a combo for that matter. Our article listed one of the top grill and griddle that has those properties in check.

Blackstone 1819 griddle is that grill that has the two properties in one package for you. They serve well together. We talked to a few professionals about this, and they advised that the grill suits someone who is not cooking for a large number of people, yet he is looking to have a variety of tastes. Preparing your meal on the charcoal grill, you may want to switch to a faster way of cooking, and therefore you may switch to the gas griddle for a moment. Feel free to check our review to find the answer! Perhaps also, you may want to prepare different meals that require different heat variations.

On one end, you may be smoking or grilling your meat while on the other side, you may be churning burgers for the children. This makes it fun for some people, especially if they love multitasking. If that is not the case, one person from your family or team may be good at smoking meals while you are good at making burgers. Do you know what’s the best gas grill under 300? Feel free to check our review to find the answer! All you need to do is switch sides and enjoy the activity and the company of each other. This might prove to be the right way of bonding as well.

Outdoor flat top grill – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are flat-top grills good?

Depending on the results you require in the end, we can say comfortably that flat grills are good. If you are in the market searching for a top grill that can help you burn out the excess oil in your food, we recommend a flat grill for this work. It is known to distribute heat fast, ready to cook foods like omelet and pancakes. With a flat-top grill, you are in a position of preparing a variety of meals from time to time. They make include eggs, pancakes, meat, burgers, sausages, among others. With it, you can cook those meals that require to contain oil for a while before they are ready for eating.

Who makes the best outdoor griddle?

In the market, many top grill griddles seem suitable for everyone as they satisfy people’s different needs. There are those manufacturers that have set out to fill in a certain kind of necessity only. In choosing the best of the best in the market, we have consulted different professionals, and they have agreed that indeed there is a variation of manufacturers. The ones who have been in the industry for long have mastered the art in one way or the other, and therefore, they turn out to be the best in what they do.

However, there are those in the upcoming market and have innovative minds that are solving solutions in a better way than those who have been in the business for a long. With this, we were able to draw some conclusions using several factors. We ranked Blackstone as our best griddle as they have been both innovative and stood the test of time. They have been able to manufacture different griddle to meet different needs.

Is a griddle better than a grill?

In the world of cooking, we have learned that different grills and griddles serve different purposes. In our in-depth research, we concluded that comparing a griddle against a grill should not be the case. A grill is best when used to cook large items that are compact. In this case, they can be used to prepare foods like ribs. For a griddle, it is best used to prepare a different set of meals. It can be used correctly to churn burgers and make omelets and pancakes, among many other foods. Answering this question, we cannot come to a verdict that favors one and leaves the other, and therefore we can conclude that the grill and griddle depend on the type of food you intend to cook.

Best griddle grill – Conclusion

The food industry is one of the most changing in this world. Keeping up with the changes can be an uphill task for some people, and therefore, the right choice of cooking tools can be a starting point for you. Our article lists different types of grills and griddles that we think can serve you right. However, we know maybe you are looking for a narrower list to simplify your pick. In this part, we will do this by picking out three grills and griddles that topped our list.

We ranked QOMOTOP Tabletop as the best. It is suitable for both a large and a small gathering; it is served by 3 different independently controlled burners for efficiency. It has a grease cup for grease collection. It is the right choice for those looking to have outdoor activities and have not decided on the best cooking tool he should have on board. There is a large cooking surface that can accommodate many items at a go without failure. Ranking second, we have Blackstone 1605 Gas griddle.

It has a large cooking surface, a firm front, and two wheels for portability. It has two heavy-duty stainless steel burners that see that food is ready within a concise period. There are two wheels on its front, it means that you can transport it over a long distance by pulling or pushing depending on your preference. It can be over a smooth or rough terrain; therefore, it is suitable for those who want to be a cookout.

In the third place, we have Blackstone 1819 griddle and charcoal. We listed this combo because it is one of the unique griddles that we have seen in the cooking industry. It opens up one to a world of different possibilities that are uniquely tailored for the users in questions. With it, you can be able to frill your food and at the same time churn maybe your burgers within the same package. The surfaces of cooking are spacious enough to accommodate many food items. It is also long enough to help more than one cook, making it suitable for multiple users.